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Production information
Type Missile
Tech Base Clan / Inner Sphere (IS)
Year Introduced Clan = 2824 CCY

IS = 2315 TA

Technology Rating C
Availability Ratings C/C/C
Technical specifications
Heat 6
Damage 1/Missile (20)
Minimum Range Clan = N/A

IS = 6

Short Range 1-7
Medium Range 8-14
Long Range 15-21
Tons Clan = 5

IS = 10

Critical Slots Clan = 4

IS = 5

Ammo Per Ton 6
Cost (unloaded) 250,000
Ammo Cost (per ton) 30,000
BV (1.0) Clan = 220

IS = 181

BV (2.0) Clan = 220[1]
27 (Ammo)[1]

IS = 181[2]
23 (Ammo)[2]


Long Range Missiles have provided military units with a decent far-reaching punch for centuries. The LRM-20 fires twenty such missiles.


LRM-20 is manufactured on the following planets:

FarFire Maxi-RackEdit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Gallery Dynamics [citation needed]
Menke Menke Armor and Armament [citation needed]
Sterope Taurus Territorial Industries

Ingrid SystemsEdit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
New Earth Yankee Weapons Systems [citation needed]

Type VEdit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Kendall Kali Yama - Alphard Trading Corporation

[citation needed]

Kalidasa Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated [citation needed]

Type XX "Great Bow"Edit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
[citation needed]
Brand Planet Company
Cavalier Industries
Conan DT
Coventry Star Fire Coventry Coventry Metal Works
Delta Dagger
Delta Dart Sterope Sterope Defense Industries
Doombud Oriente Oriente Weapon Works
Doombud Mitchella United Outworlders Corporation
Exostar Gallery Dynamics
General Datatech Vertical Launch
Holly Terra Blankenburg Technologies
Holly New Avalon Lycomb-Davion IntroTech
Holly Dunianshire Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
Holly Emris IV StarCorp Industries
Irian Weapons Works Irian BattleMechs Unlimited
Jacksom B5c
Jackson Dart
Kali Yama Death Bloom
Kali Yama Weapons Industries
Luxor 3R
Magna Longbow
Mitchell Systems
Shigunga Luthien Luthien Armor Works
Shigunga Chatham Wakazashi Enterprises
Sian/Ceres Jaguar Capella Ceres Metals Industries
Telos DecaCluster
TharHes Reacher 20 Tharkad TharHes Industries
Valiant Ballista Robinson Valiant Systems


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