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Laszlo Hooker

Laszlo Hooker
Affiliation Star League

Laszlo Hooker (b. ???? – d. ????) was a senior officer in the Star League Defense Force during the Reunification War.


Prior to the formation of the Star League, Laszlo Hooker had served as an officer within the Hegemony Armed Forces; at the beginning of Operation UNION HOLD, the Star League invasion of the Outworlds Alliance in 2581, Hooker was a Major General in the Star League Defense Force, and was the Commanding Officer of V Corps, one of two SLDF corps assigned to the .[1]

The overall commander of the outworlds Alliance Task Force was General Amos Forlough, had a low opinion of V Corps and Hooker; V Corps had been deployed within the Capellan Military Region and had expected to be deployed on campaigns against either the Taurian Concordat or the Magistracy of Canopus, but continuing training problems and heavy activity from anti-Star League renegades within the Capellan region had kept V Corps out of the Taurian campaign.[2] This was a distinct contrast to II Corps, which was both a part of the Task Force and Forlough's previous command.[3]

During the first wave of attacks on the Alliance, Hooker's V Corps was assigned to two combat targets as well as to securing two worlds already occupied by SLDF forces. V Corps units took several days longer to jump off for their initial strikes compared to II Corps forces, compounding Forlough's low opinion of Hooker and V Corps.[4]

Kurita’s Galedon Regulars are inbound and should arrive in about ten days. I don’t like it, but they were the closest forces I have available. Besides, [V Corps Commander Major General] Hooker couldn’t light a fire under his troops with a nuke.
  — General Amos Forlough, 15 Oct 2581[5]

Forlough relegated V Corps to a support role in 2582, a role that Hooker was distinctly unhappy with. By this point, one of Hooker's former friends and colleague from their HAF days was now General Carlos Lee, Commanding General of the SLDF; when Hooker's complaints to Forlough were ignored, Hooker complained directly to General Lee, who ordered Forlough to put V Corps into action.[6]

Unfortunately for Hooker, the first combat action V Corps saw following Lee's order was the disastrous combat on Haynesville in February and March 2582, which saw a SLDF Royal Brigade surrender to the Outworlds Alliance Militia and the Pitcairn Legion, giving the Periphery forces both a vital boost to morale and enough top of the line Terran Hegemony BattleMechs and technology to field two complete new regiments.[7]

In the resulting purge of officers enacted by the outraged Forlough, Hooker and his assistant corps commander were both sacked, and Hooker would later be replaced by Major General Victoria Zibler, the former commander of the 2nd Royal Brigade.[7][8]

Having been relieved from duty, Hooker was reassigned by General Lee to the post of Operations Director within the SLDF High Command - a position that made him responsible for developing the overall tactics and strategies of the entire SLDF.[7]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Commanding Officer, V Corps

Succeeded by
Victoria Zibler
Preceded by
Operations Director, SLDF High Command

Succeeded by


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