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Laurie Tseng

At age 71 in 3076
Laurie Tseng
Born 3005[1]
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear

Laurie Tseng (b. 3005)[2] was the Loremaster of Clan Ghost Bear and from the start of Operation REVIVAL through to 3085 the commanding officer Beta Galaxy[3]


The oldest active warrior in the Clan Ghost Bear Touman at age 71 (as of 3076). Laurie Tseng is a traditionalist that embodies the Clan Ghost Bear mantra of "Wait and see".[4] Throughout her career she has served Clan Ghost Bear as Loremaster, Head of the Watch, and Galaxy Commander. When her Clan relocated to the Inner Sphere and shifted to a Warden philosophical stance Laurie Tseng saw this as the realization of the ultimate goal of the Clans, to return home.[5]

Early LifeEdit

With a modest beginning to her warrior career Laurie passed her Trial of Position with the minimum requirement of a single kill; She worked her way up the ranks of the Clan Ghost Bear Touman achieving the rank of Galaxy Commander shortly before Operation REVIVAL.[6]

Clan InvasionEdit

Laurie Tseng led Beta Galaxy through the entirety of Operation REVIVAL. Her "slow and steady" assault doctrine providing impressive victories for her Galaxy.[7] She criticized the Ghost Bear logistical strategy; in her opinion they brought too few supplies and underestimated the tenacity of the Inner Sphere defenders.[8]


Laurie Tseng led Clan Ghost Bear forces on the assault of Luk, but was forced to retreat to Spanac through the Holth Forrest.[9]

Post-Tukayyid - Ghost Bear DominionEdit

The Wars of ReavingEdit



Seeds of Destruction[10]

...Yet some few among the Clans saw beyond the pettiness of resource hoarding and the glory and honor of war. They saw, instead, a subtle change in how politics and personal lust for power were corrupting the true Way of Kerensky. Whether the shift was from the corrupting influence of the Inner Sphere or a natural evolution of Clan philosophy, it was undeniable; a few individuals saw opportunities to bring the Clans back to the original Vision of Kerensky."

Clan Ghost Bear Loremaster Laurie Tseng, Personal Annotations, 01063079

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Loremaster of Clan Ghost Bear
3049 - 3085

Succeeded by
eventually Hans Kabrinski[11]


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