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Liao Conservatory of Military Arts

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Liao Conservatory of Military Arts
Liao Conservatory of Military Arts Logo
Liao Conservatory of Military Arts Logo
Academy Information
Location Liao
Course Information


Located in Chang-an, the capital city of Liao,[1] the institution opened its doors in 3062 and set itself the goal of bringing the best to shine in every single cadet. The students were expected to enter service in a veteran/elite command after graduation. The academic studies for each student were individually organized. The applicants can divide their time themselves between learning, practice and whichever study field is taken on.[2]

During the era of the Republic of the Sphere, the student population of the Conservatory chafed under Republic rule in the aftermath of the 3111-3113 war on the planet; the key problem was the perceived bias against those students who took courses on Capellan history and culture while at the Conservatory, who appeared to be blacklisted on graduation. Those who took such courses found their career progression stalling, while those of their fellow alumni who were more pro-Republic fared better.[3]

The students resorted to peaceful protests and demonstrations to protest their case, but in 3126 Capellan agitators began manipulating events, and by 3128 the Conservatory was a simmering powder keg. The Conservatory campus was seized by cadets from the Conservatory, and the reaction from Legate Kang Lo Den was violent, resulting in the deaths of two cadets. The Republic Paladin Ezekiel Crow intervened, using his authority to block a full assault on the dissenters and to cover up Capellan involvement in the student revolt; he also pressured Kang Lo Den to resign from his position as Legate in disgrace. Crow's actions failed to completely defuse the situation and tensions would continue to simmer on the campus; the Ijori Dè Guāng insurgent movement would be born in the wake of the failed revolt, an omen of events to come.[3]

In May 3134 the Capellan Confederation launched a wide scale attack into Republic space, with detachments of troops landing on Liao. The resulting battle saw the local militia forced to retreat, with the city of Opskillion taking heavy damage in the process; a majority of the student body of the Conservatory as well as most of the faculty gathered on the campus for an impromptu demonstration - the campus having recently been renamed to the Republic Conservatory as a result of rising unrest and continued vandalism in the preceding months.[4]

What began as a peaceful protest turned ugly after Republic troops arrested a number of the protestors. Those arrested included Mai Uhn Wa, an agent sent to Liao by Chancellor Daoshen Liao to destabilize the world, acting under the guise of a guest lecturer speaking on Capellan History and Culture. A riot rapidly broke out in response to the use of force by the local militia against the demonstrators, and that riot quickly spread into the surrounding suburbs. Several buildings were seized by students from the campus, with pro-Republic students, staff and faculty taken hostage; all of the hostages were released in less than a week, although more than half of the students chose to remain on the campus, as did two-fifths of the staff. A mixed company of forces from the V Principes Guards under Knight-Errant Eve Kincaid arrived on Liao, extending the struggle for control of the planet; the Principes Guards were struck by the same rift in loyalties as the population of the planet, with a number defecting to aid the student body of the Conservatory after the riot came to a violent end.[4]

The struggles within and around the Conservatory were echoed in other training facilities on the planet, with similar results; a protest at the Shanto Prepartory Academy where students seized buildings in support of the protests at the Conservatory resulted in the local garrison being ordered to disperse the protest, only for half the garrison to defect and join the students.[4]

When a local Loyalist officer was revealed to be the instigator of the Liao Massacre during the 3111-3113 war - and further revealed to be the Paladin Ezekiel Crow - led the Capellan faction of the student body and their allies among the 2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry forces on the planet to fiercely resist an attack from Republic forces led by Crow. Many of the cadets had suffered losses during the war, and Crow's actions during the 3128 revolt had generated additional ill-will, adding fuel to the fire. The resulting battle on the various Conservatory parade grounds initially went well for the Republican forces, who included a hard core of dedicated loyalists; that changed when a 'Mech from the Principes Guards roasted the helpless cadet crew of a downed armored vehicle alive. This barbaric act broke the Republican forces, with Republicans turning on each other, and reinforcements from the planetary governor intended to aid the Republican forces instead joined the Capellan loyalists. Forces from the Conservatory would subsequently be led in the closing battle for Liao by the reborn Warrior House Ijori, and Liao would shortly be back under the control of the Capellan Confederation.[4]


The atmosphere is relaxed, because every student is there on their own wish, and this is motivation enough.[2]

Special NotesEdit

The focus lay on BattleMech and AeroSpace Fighter education for the students. The other MOS is specialized in training company-sized unit or smaller.[2]


The military training programs offered by the Liao Conservatory of Military Arts by 3079 included: BattleMech, Aerospace, Vehicle, Battle Armor and Infantry.[1]

Student MilitiaEdit


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