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Lobo Negro

Lobo Negro
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip


The Lobo Negro was a DropShip of unspecified serving in the touman of Clan Wolf as of 10 December 3057, when it carried Ulric Kerensky to the pivotal battle on Wotan during the Refusal War; while inbound Ulric Kerensky personally issued the batchall to the Clan Jade Falcon forces on Wotan under Vandervan Chistu.[1]


  • A ComStar report as of 1 December 3052[2] that is thought to list the entire Clan Wolf touman at the time (just after the Battle of Tukayyid) does not mention a DropShip named Lobo Negro. Unless the report was incomplete, this seems to indicate the Lobo Negro either entered service with Clan Wolf between 3052 and 3057, or otherwise it previously served under another name.

By 30 September 3058, the Lobo Negro had brought Khan Vlad Ward of the reinstated Clan Wolf to Strana Mechty.[3]


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