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Logan Wirth

Logan Wirth
Died 3059
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Profession Star Colonel

Logan Wirth (b. ???? - d. 3059[1]) was a warrior of Clan Smoke Jaguar. He would rise to the rank of Star Colonel, and end up commanding a Cluster in the solahma Galaxies of Huntress prior to his death.


Described as tall and thin with noticeable wrinkles, Star Colonel Logan Wirth was known for retaining his fighting spirit in the face of mind-numbing garrison duty in the Clan Homeworlds. By 3059 he had served a long career and had been relegated to the solahma Iron Guard Galaxy. After the Smoke Jaguar capture of Jade Falcon Star Captain Horse on Huntress, Wirth would continually lead the protests against Galaxy Commander Russou Howell's decision to leave the freeborn warrior alive.[2]

Smoke Jaguar RageEdit

Wirth had two chances to defeat the Jade Falcon freebirth. The first came in a strange contest devised by Galaxy Commander Howell, pitting the two warriors against each other in powered down 'Mechs of grossly disparate design. Horse would barely win this contest. The next chance for Wirth to wipe the dishonor of having a freeborn in their midst came when Howell took Horse into a Jaguar warrior council. [3] Putting the freeborn warrior on a stage before the gathered Smoke jaguar warriors, Howell provoked a situation where a duel arose between Horse and Logan Wirth. In an unaugmented duel fought on the Jaguar parade grounds of Lootera on Huntress, Logan Wirth pummeled, kicked, spat on, gouged and punched Horse in a tenacious fury born of his hate, but the freeborn warrior fought back with equal ferocity. Eventually, as the fight wore on, Horse would carry the unconscious Wirth up the side of the pyramidal Mt. Szabo genetic repository to hurl him over the side to his death amid the throngs of angered Smoke Jaguar warriors. [4] Instead of the enraged reaction expected from Howell, Horse was instead honored for his victory, in a move that Howell hoped would light a fire under his poorly-performing troops. [5]


He was the senior officer of the Iron Guard Galaxy and took temporary control after the arrest of Benjamin Howell. Therefore, it is likely that he was commander of the 33rd Assault Cluster.


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