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Long Life Company

Long Life Company is a herbal remedy, pharmaceutical and medical equipment producer within the Draconis Combine.[1] [2]

Long Life Company
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Altair
Primary Products Vehicles

Company ProfileEdit

Home Office: Bonanza, Altair [1] [2]

President/CEO: Marquis Sanzo "Uncle San" Oguri (Circa 3025),[1] Tozama Daimyo Traci Lewison (Circa 3067) [2]


The Long Life Company had been in business on the world of Altair for more than two-hundred years, circa 2825 and was originally founded on the sale of herbal medicines and patent nostrums to interested parties. However, by the 31st century, the company had expanded their scope to produce high tech hospital equipment and chemical medications. In the war torn realms of the Inner Sphere, medical equipment is of prime importance to the front line solider and provides a significant income stream. But Long Life still earns significant profits from their Tree of Life, Hands of a Loving Mother and Secret of a Bull's Virility tonics in the civilian markets.[1] [2] The company grew certain herbs in "Altairian Medicinal Water" so that the herbs may be used in teas.[3]


Long Life Company has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Altair:
Component Type
M.A.S.H. Truck Wheeled Vehicles


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