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A Loremaster is a special rank among the Clans whose responsibility is to safeguard and interpret Clan law. Elected by their Clan Council, Loremasters have considerable political power. Unlike the Khans, they are not above the normal political infighting, allowing them to take a proactive role in investigations and trials as inquisitor and advocate. By tradition, the Loremaster does not cast a vote in Clan Councils except in breaking a tie.[1]

The role of Loremaster encompasses a number of minor positions including issuing writs and summons as High Bailiff, heading the Clan's police force as Provost General, and serving as chief administrator in the role of Adjutant General. Loremasters oversee any trials resulting from Clan Council decisions and are the final arbiter in these disputes. They also have the power to initiate internal investigations without the Khans' consent, especially if one or both are implicated. In times of crisis, the Loremaster will step in if a Khan is otherwise unable to fulfill their duties, making it a tempting position for ambitious warriors.[1]

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