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Lt. Dunman

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Lt. Dunman
Died 3066 (?)
Affiliation Burr's Black Cobras
Profession Lieutenant

Lieutenant Dunman was a Lance Leader for the Burr's Black Cobras Mercenary Unit.


This is Lieutenant Dunman of the Black Cobras. You're outclassed here. Stand down and we'll let you leave with your mechs.

--Dunman to Spectre upon approaching the enemy base.

Lieutenant Dunman was overseeing the fuel depot and supplies on behalf of Burr's Black Cobras on Halloran V. After the running into Spectre and his crew, he offered them a chance to surrender, which was scornfully rejected. After the opposing mercenary forces destroyed the base, Dunman and his lance would concede the field, realizing their defeat.[1]


If Spectre decides to destroy Lt. Dunman's lance or them on Halloran V, the Black Cobras will declare their grudge or remain silent.

Spectre: "I told you I was going to salvage your 'Mech! Some people just don't listen."
-- Spectre to Lt. Dunman on Halloran V.


Given the fact that his Lance consist of two Chimeras and two Bushwackers, His name is never displayed on any of those 'Mechs. But it is implied that he either died or survived based on whether his lance was destroyed or spared by the player.


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