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M-3 Drone

M-3 Drone
Production information
Manufacturer Terran Hegemony
Production Year 2698
Use SDS Drone
Type Assault
Tech Base Star League
Technical specifications
Mass 4,000 tons
Structural Integrity 21
Length 89 meters meters
Width 75 meters meters
Height 75 meters meters
Safe Thrust 7 g
Max Thrust 11 g
Fuel (tons) 600 tons
Fuel (days)
Armor 75.5 tons Standard Armor
Crew None
Passengers None
Heat Sinks 200 Double Heat Sinks
BV (2.0) 16,459[1]


Based on the 2650 model of the Pentagon Assault DropShip, the M-3 was the first full production SDS Drone to see widespread use. First deployed in 2698, they replaced the sullied M-2 as the primary drone system of the early SDS network. The M-3 was also the first of the drones to be built new and not as retrofits of existing, crewed ship hulls. Starting in 2704, the M-3 was produced at O’Neil Shipyards and would eventually be built at a half dozen locations across the Hegemony. Being easier to produce than the massive M-5, the majority of Hegemony systems were protected by these diminutive but deadly assault ships.


This made it a credible threat to corvette and destroyer-class WarShips and capable of destroying the most thickly armored DropShip in a single salvo.




The M-3 Drone required no crew as it was completely autonomous. The SDS Drone Control System had a gunnery rating of 3 and a piloting rating of 4. The station's internal automated defenses provided 14 Marine Points to fend off boarding actions.


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