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Medium Range Missile

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Compared to other missile types, Medium Range Missiles are dead-fire missiles that are fired more like autocannons and lasers. The removal of guidance systems makes each missile more compact, reducing cost and allowing more missiles to be packed in comparison to SRM and LRM launchers of similar size and weight.

Prior to the development of Medium Range Missiles, there were also Dead-Fire Missiles, an attempt to increase the damage output of LRMs and SRMs at the expense of range and a lack of guidance systems.


Several types of Medium Range Missile systems exist. Currently, no Clan version of the MRM exists, but a lighter one-shot option is available in the form of the Rocket Launcher.

Battle ArmorEdit

Vehicles and BattleMechsEdit

Can be used as a substitute for the SRM-6

Can be used as a substitute for the LRM-10

Can be used as a substitute for the LRM-15

Can be used as a substitute for the LRM-20



Unless paired with an Apollo FCS, Medium Range Missiles will suffer a +1 To-Hit penalty.


Even when playing under Mixed Technology rules, Medium Range Missiles are explicitly forbidden from being carried by ProtoMechs.[1]