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MRM "Apollo" Fire Control System


The "Apollo" Fire Control System was created by the Draconis Combine in 3071, in order to overcome the inaccuracies of MRM launchers without requiring an upgraded (and more expensive) ammunition. Apollo is an unofficial nickname for the system. Functioning much like a Targeting Computer, the fire control system makes it more likely that the launcher will achieve a missile lock, though the dumb-fire MRMs are still more prone to miss the target than other missiles.[1]


The "Apollo" system is still experimental and has not entered large scale production.


Game RulesEdit

The "Apollo" System negates the +1 modifier applied to attacks with an MRM. The firing unit takes a -1 modifier on the cluster hit table. In order to use this equipment, all MRM launchers on the unit must be equipped with an "Apollo" system. If the "Apollo" is hit, the launcher can still fire without its benefits.[1]


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