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Mackenzie Henkel

Mackenzie Henkel
Also known as "The Knive"
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Red Knives Stables
Mercenary Liason
Arena Gladiator

Mackenzie Henkel was a Solaris VII MechWarrior during the Succession Wars.[1]


Mackenzie Henkel was a company commander in the Free Worlds League Military. During the course of the League-Commonwealth fighting over the Solaris Bulge he was assigned to a medium support company on Kalidasa. Henkel led her command from the cockpit of a rare, SLDF-model TBT-3C Trebuchet when LCAF forces invaded the planet in 2819. A majority of the League defenders were intercepted in space on their way to another off-world post, but Henkel's company were among the lucky ones who had not been among them.

They suffered the Lyrans' wrath when they eventually landed. Her Trebuchet was quickly shot out (most possibly because of its Star League technology), and he reassigned to a WVR-6M Wolverine whose pilot had been killed. For the duration of the ground war on Kalidasa Henkel adapted to her new ride and her new role as a raider, with five kills to her credit by the time the FWLM forces surrendered. Though Henkel was prepared to stay and wage a guerilla war against the Lyran occupiers, League operatives managed to smuggle her and her BattleMech off-world mere weeks later.

With her command all but destroyed, Henkel was temporarily reassigned to serve as a liaison with the Red Eagles mercenary battalion. When the Eagles were paired up with elements of Clinton's Cutthroats to raid Solaris VII just a few months later and still in 2820, Henkel went with them and took part in several skirmishes among the Bracken Swamps northeast of Solaris City. Unfortunately for the mercenaries, the LCAF response was able to separate several of their warriors from the rest, and as the mercenary raiders fled the planet, Henkel found herself stranded in what was now enemy territory. Before she could get a message back to her comrades, the planet was bombarded by the Despiser that found Henkel dangerously close to ground zero as thousands perished.

Henkel was horrified by the carnage she witnessed firsthand, and quit the League's service. He parted up with the few Red Eagle survivors she could find and created the Red Knives Stables, an independent stable of MechWarriors who made their living in the arenas of Solaris.

Henkel kept piloting her WVR-6M Wolverine.[1]


Henkel developed a signature combat style in which she almost always dispatched her opponents via "backstabbing" laser fire. For this reason, and her place as de facto leader of the Red Knives Stables, Henkel became known as "the Knife".[1]




He piloted first a TBT-3C Trebuchet, but once destroyed he shifted to a WVR-6M Wolverine.[1]


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