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Maeve Wolf

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Maeve Wolf
Died 22 January, 3073
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
General of Wolf's Dragoons
Spouse Brian Cameron[1]

Maeve Wolf (died January 22, 3073[2]) was a genetic clone of Jaime Wolf, the commander of the legendary Wolf's Dragoons mercenary unit.[3]


Early careerEdit

Her status as a clone was unknown even to herself and Jaime Wolf, and known only by a select few Dragoon scientists and (later) Brian Cameron.[3] After completing her training, she was initially assigned to Jaime Wolf's Bodyguard Lance[4] and saw action on Morges in 3053.[5] Later, having reached the rank of Captain, she was assigned a command in the Wolf Spider Battalion.[6]

Dragoon Civil WarEdit

Maeve Wolf showing Alpin Wolf corpse

During the Dragoon Civil War in 3054, Maeve was acting commander of the Wolf Spider Battalion, as Major John Clavell was wounded at the time.[7] She joined the conflict on the side of Colonel Jaime Wolf[8], and played a major role when she defeated the upstart Alpin Wolf in single combat.[9] Following the war, she won a Trial of Position unopposed, earning the name 'Wolf' and taking the new position of 'General' within Wolf's Dragoons[10], second in command only to (now Commander) Jaime Wolf. She assisted in the reorganization of the unit[11], and served in that capacity for many years.

Word of Blake JihadEdit

It is indicated that she survived the attacks on Outreach and the failed Dragoon counter-strike on Mars at the start of the Jihad.


General Maeve Wolf was one of the many high-ranking attendees of the Arc-Royal Summit in January 3073 caught in the explosion when the suicide bomb secretly grafted to Fritz Donner was triggered. Surviving the blast but suffering horrific injuries, a barely-conscious Maeve Wolf was evacuated by paramedics, before ultimately succumbing to her wounds.[12][2]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Jaime Wolf
General of Wolf's Dragoons

Succeeded by


  • As her status as a clone was unknown, her surname 'Wolf' was an Honorname.[13]
  • Despite her gender, she bears a clear resemblance to Jaime Wolf.[14]
  • For most of her early career, she piloted a Thunderbolt BattleMech, a variant modified with jump jets[15] and Clan technology.[16]


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