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Magistracy Highlanders

Magistracy highlanders.jpg
Magistracy Highlanders
Unit Profile (as of 3025)
Nickname Canopian Highlanders
Parent Formation Magistracy Armed Forces


The unit has its roots in the time during the Reunification wars. Refugees of the RWR banded together to form a mercenary unit, which was employed for centuries by the MAF. The most notable action was in the past the successful defense of Luxen against Marik invaders. The casualties were high and rebuilding took a long time.

In the late 3050s the Magestrix made a secret agreement with the commander of the brigade to increase the mercenary unit in exchange to become a house unit. Each of the original battalions was expanded to regiment level, because on regiment would remain at merc status to bring new experience to the Magistracy.[1]

Early in the Jihad the two Magistracy Highlander regiments repelled a Word of Blake attack. They could not prevent the massive damage inflicted on their nation, but they did force the Blakists out eventually. After expelling the Blakists from their homeland, the two Highlander regiments were stationed along the border with the Free Worlds League and saw that nation collapse. The Highlanders were kept very busy driving off attacks from former League nations, but the Highlanders inflicted serious losses on the raiders.[2]

After the Jihad the Canopian Highlanders officially joined the MAF, becoming part of the Magistracy Highlanders brigade.

In the Dark Age the Canopian Highlanders were nearly destroyed in a nuclear attack by well-armed pirates. The survivors were reassigned to the First Magistracy Highlanders. The two remaining Magistracy Highlander regiments found themselves on opposite sides of the Magistracy. The First engaged the Marian Hegemony in retaliation for slave-taking raids by that small polity (rescuing the Magistracy citizens and destroying the slave operation), while the Second spent a decade in the Capellan Confederation countering raids by the Taurian Defense Force. After fifteen years of those duties, the Second returned to the Magistracy for refitting and repair.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Magistracy Highlanders
Major Harrison Long 3025[4]



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