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  • 01 January 2019: Happy New Year (Frabby) BTW broke a record this past year, with 3770 new articles created! And there's yet more cool new stuff on the horizon. This is definitely a good time to be a BattleTech fan. ;) May our great community grow even larger in the new year.
  • 26 December 2018: Merry Christmas (Frabby)
Slightly belated seasonal greetings to the BattleTech community!
  • 27 November 2018: House Arano sourcebook announced (Frabby)
Following the sometimes intense and passionate discussions on the BattleTech Forum (and elsewhere) about the BattleTech computer game by Harebrained Schemes and its adherence to established BattleTech canon, HBS and Catalyst Game Labs dropped something of a bombshell by announcing House Arano (The Aurigan Coalition) as an upcoming product. Fully canonical, it is to be set right after the conclusion of the Arano Restoration storyline from the game, and is expected to canonize most if not all of the new content created by HBS for their game including the Aurigan Reach periphery region and its history.
In October Catalyst Game Labs announced a planned stream of mini-releases running over the next few months. To date, the following new products have been released as a part of this stream:
Catalyst Game Labs have released a new bundle of releases in electronic format, based around the 2018 World Wide Event. The new releases include Touring the Stars: Stotzing, Spotlight On: First Marik Protectors, the BattleTech: Dig, Defend or Die scenario pack and the MapPack: WWE2018 Terrain Set.
A number of new releases have been produced by Catalyst Game Labs. Copies of the two new box sets were released at GenCon, the first of the two-volume ilClan work, Shattered Fortress, is out in PDF with hard copy to follow soon, and two accompanying novellas, The Anvil and A Splinter of Hope are now out in electronic format.

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