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Mandrill (Character)

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Died May 3063
Affiliation Black Knight Legion
Profession Tactical Officer
This article is about the person. For the Clan Fire Mandrill Totem BattleMech, see Mandrill.

Mandrill was a Mercenary Tactical Officer for the Black Knight Legion.


Featured only in the apocryphal computer game MechWarrior 4: Black Knight, the character of Mandrill is apocryphal as well.


Mandrill is the Tactical Officer of the Black Knight Legion's Striker Lance. She would offer opportunities to Eric and his lance through missions. On Kentares, she would coordinate with Eric on the type of resistance his lance would be facing. When it came to weaken Ian's powerbase, she would suggest helping out the rebels as a way to undermine his influence on the planet quicker. [1]


"I’ve got the rescue reports, sir. They’re not pretty. No sign of the Colonel or his ‘Mech. We found Mandrill’s body in the ruined tower. I’m sorry, sir. She was a real Legionnaire, through and through."

--Badger confirming Mandrill's death to Eric.

While on patrol, Mandrill was giving Eric tactical advice on what he and his lancemate should expect. Just as she was about to finish, she was hit by an unknown dropship at the Legion base. When Eric asked Badger about Mandrill's status, he would tell him that she was hit in a tower when the dropships landed on the Legion's base.


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