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Marco Hall

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Marco Hall
Died 22 January 3073
Affiliation Clan Wolf-in-Exile

Marco Hall (born 30?? – died 22 January, 3073[1]) was the first saKhan elected by Clan Wolf-in-Exile.[2]


A dynamic young warrior with a ruthless streak on the battlefield, Marco Hall was born to a lesser bloodline and as such is a surprise to the Wolf scientists.

Black Widow's ApprenticeEdit

The first mention of Hall is as a Star Commander in the 13th Wolf Guards, Trinary Alpha's Battle Star from a roster dating to December of 3052.[3][4] Here he served as Natasha Kerensky's aide and was considered to be her protégé, during a time spent learning as much from her as possible. He continued to rise through the ranks, becoming Star Colonel of the Wolf Spiders after her death during the bitter conflict with Clan Jade Falcon.[2]

Refusal War and BeyondEdit

When the rift between Crusader and Warden Wolves became a full-blown schism in 3058, Star Colonel Hall would depart with his brethren for Arc-Royal. There Star Colonel Evantha Fetladral declined nomination to the post of saKhan, but instead called for the election of Marco Hall.[5] He would be elected to the post of saKhan, serving alongside Khan Phelan Kell. Hall accepted the results only after securing an agreement that he would retain his command of the 13th Wolf Guards. Hall would retain them as his own "Keshik", not wishing to part ways with a unit that he felt such close connection with.[2]

Jihad and DeathEdit

Marco Hall was among the high-ranking dignitaries killed by the Donner Bomb on Arc-Royal in early 3073. [1]

Title and PositionEdit

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Wolf-in-Exile
3058[2] - 30??

Succeeded by


Marco Hall was shown to have been the pilot of a Black Hawk prime OmniMech in 3052.[3]


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