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Marcus Galliani

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Marcus Galliani
Died 3022
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Profession Colonel

Marcus Galliani (b. ???? - d. 3022) was an officer serving in the Free Worlds League Military during the closing years of the Third Succession War.


The David AmbushEdit

In September of 3022, he led a battalion-sized BattleMech force on a raid against the Lyran border world of Penobscot. Galliani’s reasons for this mission remain unclear, but it is believed he aimed to discredit his opponents in the FWLM.[1]

Galliani’s force was superior both in numbers and overall 'Mech tonnage to the unit defending Penobscot, a mercenary command named Varrick’s Vandals. After scattering the defenders within minutes of his DropShips touching down, Colonel Galliani personally led the mopping-up operation. He was hunting down the mercenary 'Mechs one by one in his AS7-D Atlas [2] when he made a fatal mistake: he became separated from his comrades.

What idiot in his right mind would take on an Atlas?

-Colonel Galliani’s voice recording, salvaged from his ruined 'Mech. [3]

When Lieutenant David Fletcher of Varrick’s Vandals sprang his ambush on Galliani, the Marik MechWarrior attempted to engage the light 'Mechs of Fletcher’s lance alone. By using their jump jets and the surrounding buildings of the planetary capitol as cover, the mercenaries kept Galliani off balance, and inflicted severe damage on his machine.

Death and LegacyEdit

Repeated hits to his 'Mech’s rear armor eventually resulted in critical internal damage. A final PPC strike finished off the Atlas, but it toppled onto the immobilized UrbanMech piloted by Brad Finnegan. Both pilots were killed in the impact.

With Galliani’s death, his troops fell into disarray; he had apparently made no firm plans for his subordinates to follow. The Marik forces continued to try and destroy the Vandals, in a drawn-out campaign that ran on into late November of 3022.[4]


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