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Marijoan Shaw

Marijoan Shaw
Affiliation Clan Wolf

Marijoan Shaw (born 30?? - 30??) was an Elemental Star Captain of Clan Wolf during Operation REVIVAL.[1]


Truly a giant amongst giants, Star Captain Marijoan Shaw is described as nearly three meters tall and weighing well over 200 kilograms. On the battlefield, she leads her forces with skill and grim determination. But off the field she was known for her beautiful singing voice, often performing twenty-second century Arabian spirituals, her favored form.[1]

Operation REVIVALEdit

As part of Star Colonel Erik Kerensky's 352nd Assault Cluster, Star Captain Shaw would see action at Csesztreg, Rasalhague, Kandis, Sevren and Kobe, sometimes acting in concert with the rest of Beta Galaxy. On Kandis, Shaw took down her fourth solo-kill 'Mech, a Clan Wolf record. Taking the KungsArme Warhammer apart bit by bit as she nimbly maneuvered over its frame, she jumped clear moments before the stricken machine exploded from her efforts. Shaw was wounded in the fighting on Tukayyid, helping her Clan to achieve victory against the well-prepared Com Guards.[1][2][3]


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