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Marika von Rohrs

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Marika Von Rohrsr
Born 2469[1]
Died 2510[1]
Affiliation House Von Rohrs
Profession Keeper of the Family Honor
Parents Kozo Von Rohrs (father)
Siblings Yama Von Rohrs[1]
Kruger Von Rohrs[1]
Nengo Von Rohrs[1]

Marika Von Rohrs (born 2469 - died 2510[2]) was the sister of Yama, Kruger Von Rohrs and Nengo Von Rohrs. She was the daughter of Kozo Von Rohrs.



Marika became Keeper of the Family Honor following the imprisonment of Yama Von Rohrs in 2508.[2]

Marika quickly released a fourth revision of the Dictum in 2509.[2]


Marika was executed in 2510 during the McAllister Rebellion like the rest of the Von Rohrs.[2]

Titles and PositionsEdit


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