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Marko Rubinsky

Marko Rubinsky
Affiliation Rubinsky's Light Horse
Profession Colonel
Children Maxophilia Rubinsky
Tamas Rubinsky


Marko Rubinsky was the commanding officer of the Rubinsky's Light Horse in 3067. After her daughter joined the Rubinsky's Light Horse, there was a heated argument with her father on who was best suited to succeed him, her daughter's natural gift for leadership and talent at tactics and strategy shown to good advantage in her salvaging of the Heavy Guard, or her brother. When Marko selected his son, her daugher left the unit.

Though he has kept the regiment together, without a capable heir (becasuse his son Tamas had been incapacitated and lost the ability piloting a 'Mech now), he nominated 3rd Batt. Lt. Colonel Raymond Li Tran as his successor. When Li Tran was killed by Clan Jade Falcon forces in 3069[1]) all seemed lost. When Major Cassandra Allard-Liao, commander of the First Battalion, married his son and sired a child, the unit's future seemed secured.


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