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Martin Kell

Martin Kell
Born 3083
Died September 3146[1]
Affiliation House Kell
Title(s) Grand Duke of Arc-Royal
Profession Noble
Parents Caitlin Kell (mother)
Siblings Evan Kell
Children Callandre Kell

Martin Kell was one of the twin sons of Caitlin Kell commander of the Kell Hounds Mercenary unit and Grand Duchess of Arc-Royal. It was decided to split the inheritance of the two boys with Evan being groomed to command the Kell Hounds and Martin to eventually take on the role of ruling their home planet.[2]



In 3146, when Clan Jade Falcon invaded Arc-Royal, the Wolves-in-Exile attempted to evacuate him, but the escort was attacked by a Falcon OmniMech, who touched the Duke's Knox Armored Truck. When the escort found him, the Duke was already dead.[3]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Caitlin Kell
Grand Duke of Arc-Royal
31?? - 3146[1]

Succeeded by


The Duke's death appears to have been accidental, as the Falcon OmniMech did shoot directly at the Nox: it was a stray shot that hit the vehicle.


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