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Masters and Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers


Masters and Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers is a Jihad-era sourcebook providing Jihad-era profiles of prominent characters and factions in the BattleTech universe for the A Time of War role-playing game system.

From the back coverEdit

Who is the Director of the Internal Security Force? Planetary ruler of Regulus? Current Marshal of the Armies? Merchant Factor of Clan Diamond Shark?

As one of the most powerful interstellar corporations in the Inner Sphere—with satellite plants in every House—such questions are imperative for StarCorps Industries. In the tumultuous time of the Jihad, as power brokers fall and new personalities rise to prominence, the answers to such questions can mean the difference between a fat in-the-black account and operations in the red. And no corporation, much less one as powerful and far reaching as StarCorps Industries, treats failure well.


The Draconis Combine
Misguided Opportunities
Code of Silence
Precipitous Pathways
Clan Nova Cat
Feline Shell Games
Dreams and Reality
Key Personalities of 3076
Hohiro Kurita
Kiyomori Minamoto
Shakir Jerrar
Mara Selencia
Sahalli Odessa
Santin West
Minoru Kurita
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Akira Tormark
Albert Benton
Evette Sorenson
Gretchen Noda
Connor DeLon
Corporations of the Combine
Luthien Armor Works
Hachiman Taro Electronics
Independence Weaponry
New Samarkand Metals
Key Worlds of the Draconis Combine
New Samarkand
The Dragon's Teeth: Key Military Commands
Dieron Regulars
Sword of Light
Ghost Regiments
Arkab Legions
Clan Nova Cat Touman
Combine Mercenary Deployment
State of the Suns
Lords and Leaders
Profit and Loss
Arms and Armor
Key Personalities of 3076
Yvonne Steiner-Davion
Tancred Sandoval
Jon Davion
Cole Williams
Angela Hasek
Nathaniel Hasek
Helen Trempeleau
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Thelos Redburn
Ross McKinnon
Raymond-Roger Marsin
Elric Von Steffelbus V
Garman Doucette
Corporations of the Federated Suns
Federated-Boeing Interstellar (FdBoin)
Achernar BattleMechs (AchBM)
General Motors (GenMo)
Federated Industries (FedArl)
Key Worlds of The Federated Suns
New Avalon
New Syrtis
Galax: Death of a World
The Swords of the Suns: Key AFFS Military Commands
Avalon Hussars
Davion Guards
Crucis Lancers
Syrtis Fusiliers
Filtvelt Citizen's Militia
FedSuns Mercenary Deployment
The Capellan Confederation
The Chains of History
Changing of the Guard
Capitalizing Opportunities
Fires of the Jihad
Key Personalities of 3076
Sun-Tzu Liao
Kali Liao
Kai Allard-Liao
Talon Zahn
Ion Rush
Nancy Bao Lee
Marcus Baxter
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Ту Wu Non
Ling Wa
Aiguo Yang
Mistress Hu-Tu
Xavier Bannson
Corporations of the Capellan Confederation
Ceres Metals
Hellespont Industrials
Rashpur-Owens Incorporated
Asuncion Industries
Key Worlds of The Capellan Confederation
St. Ives
The Chancellor's Might - Key CCAF Military Commands
Capellan Hussars
St. Ives Armored Cavalry
McCarron's Armored Cavalry
Confederation Reserve Cavalry
Warrior Houses
The Free Worlds League
Founding Principles
The Serpents Within
Fault Lines and Foundations
Regulus Rising
The Chasm Widens
Key Personalities of 3076
Corinne Marik
"Thomas Marik"
Therese Brett-Marik
Titus Cameron-Jones
Kirc Cameron-Jones
Alys Rousset-Marik
Dalma Humphreys
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Christopher Halas
Charles Cunin II
Morten Chandler
Photon Brett-Marik
Ardal Thomasson
Corporations of the Free Worlds League
Irian Technologies
Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated
Earthwerks Incorporated
Free Worlds Defense Industries
Key Worlds of The Free Worlds League
The Sundered Army: Key FWLM Military Commands
Marik Militia
Free Worlds Legionnaires
Regulan Hussars
Fusiliers of Oriente
Andurien Rangers
Free Worlds Mercenary Employment
The Lyran Alliance
Forging Fires
War of Confusion
Clan Wolf (in Exile)
Reforms and Rebuilding
Key Personalities of 3076
Adam Steiner
Robert Kelswa-Steiner
Erich Sheridan
Tamari LaRue
Heather Steiner(-Fyhne)
Morgan Kell
Phelan Kell
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Daniel Brewer
Akira Brahe
Hermione Aten (Kelswa-Steiner)
Trent Hasseldorf
Thomas Hogarth
Corporations of the Lyran Alliance
Defiance Industries
Nashan Diversified
Lockheed-CBM Corporation
Coventry Metal Works
Key Worlds of The Lyran Alliance
The Steiner Fist: Key LAAF Military Commands
Lyran Guards
Skye Rangers
Donegal Guards
Arcturan Guards
Clan Wolf (in Exile) Touman
Lyran Mercenary Employment
Ghost Bear Dominion Overview
Domestic Affairs
War Against Blake
Relations with Other Clans
The Future
Free Rasalhague Republic Overview
Free Rasalhague Resistance Movements
Key Personalities of 3076
Aletha Kabrinski
Ragnar Magnusson
Laurie Tseng
Christian Mansdottir
Margrethe Minuit
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Cilla Amdahl
Lars Borjo
Corporations of the Ghost Bear Dominion
Odin Manufacturing
Bergan Industries
Joint Equipment Systems
Gorton, Kingsley, and Thorpe Enterprises
Key Worlds of the Dominion
The Bear's Claws: Key Dominion Military Commands
Clan Ghost Bear Touman
The KungsArme
A New Wolf
Clan Wolf In The Time Of Jihad
Key Personalities of 3076
Vladimir Ward
Ivan Kerensky
Katya Kerensky
Dirk Radick

Other Notable Personalities of 3076

Katherine Wolf
Indira Mehta
Where do the Teeth Come From?
Key Worlds of The Wolf Clan Occupation Zone
The Prowling Wolves: Key Wolf Military Commands
Naval Assets
Alpha Galaxy (The Wolf Spirits)
Beta Galaxy (The Shadow Wolves)
Gamma Galaxy (The Wolf Hussars)
Delta Galaxy (The Snarling Wolves)
Theta Galaxy (The Wolf Reapers)
Iota Galaxy (The Phoenix Wolves)
Kappa Galaxy (The Werewolves)
Tau Galaxy (Hellions' Nightmare)
Omega Galaxy (Ghost Wolves)
Clan Jade Falcon Overview
Preening and Posturing
Gutting the Enemy
Internal Pain
Strength in Weakness
Key Personalities of 3076
Samantha Clees
Uvin Buhallin
Brian Pryd
Diane Anu
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Quinn Kerensky
Corporations of the Jade Falcon OZ
Olivetti Weaponry
Red Devil Industries
Jade Falcon Mobile Production Sites
Key Worlds of the Clan Jade Falcon Oz
The Falcon's Talons: Key Military Commands
Clan Hell's Horses Overview
Forcible Relocation
New Beginnings
Кey Personalities of 3076
James Cobb
Tanya DeLaurel
Temuchin Amirault
0ther Notable Personalities of 3076
Jake Kabrinski
Mohammed (Kepler)
Corporations of the Hell's Horses OZ
Swedenborg Heavy Industries
Manufacturing Site #3
Key Worlds of The Horses' Occupation Zone
Star's End (Novo Cressidis)
The Raging Horsemen: Key Military Commands
Deals and Dealmakers
New Waters
Sea Change
Always in Motion
Кey Personalities of 3076
Barbara Sennet
Alan Hawker
0ther Notable Personalities of 3076
Semi Kalasa
Naomi Nagasawci
Corporations of the Diamond Shark Holdings
Trellshire Heavy Industries
Shark Mobile Production Sites
Key Worlds of Clan Diamond Shark
Fins in the Water: The Diamond Shark Touman
Deathstrike Galaxy (Alpha)
Predator Galaxy (Beta)
Snapping Jaws Galaxy (Gamma)
Bloodscent Galaxy (Omega)
Fox's Whelps Galaxy (Sigma)
Other Forces
Naval Assets
Clan Snow Raven
Politics and Machinations
Rumors and Threads
Toil and Tenacity
Outworlds Alliance
The Land of Democracy
Key Personalities of 3076
Lynn McKenna
Alberto Crow
Mitchell Avellar
Maurice Avellar

Other Notable Personalities of 3076

Klaus Harper
Barnabas Huard
Maya Avellar
Corporations of Clan Snow Raven and the Outworlds Alliance
Clan Snow Raven Mobile Production Sites
Lushann Industrials Limited
Praxton Fusion Products Limited
United Outworlders Corporation
Key Worlds of The Outworlds Alliance
Quatre Belle
The Raven's Edge: Key Raven and Outworlds Military Commands
Clan Snow Raven Touman
Alliance Military Command
Magistracy of Canopus
Magistracy of Canopus
Persistent Progression
Bloody and Blind
Tracing Steps
Shaky Ground
Fronc Reaches
Frail Frontier
Key Personalities of 3076
Naomi Centrella-Liao
Hadji Doru
Erde Centrella
Yasmine Bellanca
0ther Notable Personalities of 3076
Carver Trondel
Dirk McEvans
Kamala Roy

Сorporations of the Magistracy of Canopus

Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
Detroit Consolidated MechWorks
Mindstar Enterprises
Key Worlds of the Magistracy of Canopus
Her Majesty's Arms: Key Military Commands
Magistracy Royal Guards
Chasseurs á Cheval
Canopian Fusiliers
Colonial Marshals
Magistracy Mercenary Employment
Fronc Reaches Mercenary Employment
The Taurian Concordat
Historical Summary
Recent Events
Calderon Protectorate
Key Personalities of 3076
Boris Tharn
Victor Sharpe
Cham Kithrong
Erik Martens-Calderon
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Cole Lorian
Talia Martens
Matthias Commager
Corporations of the Concordat
Taurus Territorial Industries
Vandenberg Mechanized Industries
Pinard Protectorates Limited
Key Worlds of the Taurian concordat
Erod's Escape
The Bull's Horns: Key TDF Military Commands
Taurian Guards
Taurian Lancers
Key CPF Military Commands
Taurian Pride
Calderon Guards
Concordat Mercenary Employment
Julius O'Reilly
Warnings of the Word
Cassius O'Reilly
Death and Rebirth
Key Personalities of 3076
Cassius O'Reilly
Michael Alexander
Ivy Ward
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Quintus Pullo
Livia O'Reilly
Aurelia Marcus

Corporations of the Hegemony

Alphard Trading Corporation
Pinard Protectorates Limited
Hadrain Mechanized Industries
Key Worlds of The Marian Hegemony
Caesar's Legions: Key MHAF Military Commands
Alphard District Forces
Lothario District Forces
Illyria District Forces
Hegemony Mercenary Employment
Network Online
The Steel Veil
In Full View
Viral Breakout
Key Personalities of 3076
Gavin Dow
Victor Steiner-Davion
Elise MacTaggart
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Alain Beresick
Galen Cox
Christine Harwell
Corporations of ComStar
Communications Branch
ComStar News Bureau
Interstellar News Network
Key Worlds of ComStar
The Com Guard: Key Military Commands
ComStar Mercenary Employment
Wheels Within Wheels
Word of Blake Protectorate
Manei Domini
Key Personalities of 3076
"The Master"
Cameron St. Jamais
Alexander Kernoff
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
David Alsace
Gregory Zwick
Corporations of Word of Blake
Skobel MechWorks
Gibson Federated BattleMechs
O'Neil Yards
New Earth Trading Company
Key Worlds of The Word of Blake Protectorate
The Armies of Light: Key WOB Military Commands
Word of Blake Militia
Protectorate Militia
Shadow Divisions
Word of Blake Mercenary Employment
Other Realms and Powers
Minor Periphery States
Niops Association
Circinus Federation
Deep Periphery States
Hanseatic League
Nueva Castile
Deeper Secrets
Key Personalities of 3076
Devlin Stone
Belle Lee
Reiner Wooden
Calvin Mclntyre
Albert Snow
Elian Whitney
Lise Burrill
Joseph Noye
Other Notable Personalities of 3076
Bertram Habeas
The Bounty Hunter
Wolfgang Hansen
Lucas Beckett
Egan Telosa
Giovanni Estrella de la Sangre
Unaffiliated Organizations
Interstellar Expeditions (IE)
Vengeance Incorporated
The Coterie
The Mercenary Reviewand Bonding Commission
Key Worlds of Note
Tortuga Prime
Loose Cannons: Key Fringe Military Commands
Hanseatic Security Force
Circinus Federation
Umayyad Caliphate
Castilian Principality
Stone's Coalition
Mercenary Employment Beyond the Major Powers
Using Notable Personalities in an RPG Campaign
Introducing Notable Player NPCs
Have a Purpose
Consistency is Key
Mesh the Known and the Unknown
Avoid Radical Changes
Moving Forward
More Than a Face and a Name
In The End
Notable Personalities in Non-RPG Campaign Play—Campaign Traits
General Guidelines
Modifiers to Existing Rules
Total Warfare—Creating a Scenario
Tactical Operations
Strategic Operations
Additional Rules
A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG and The Starcorps Dossiers
Notable Personalities Skills and Special Abilities
House Kurita
House Davion
House Liao
House Marik
House Steiner
Ghost Bear Dominion
Clan Wolf
Clan Jade Falcon
Clan Hell's Horses
Clan Diamond Shark
Clan Snow Raven | Outworlds Alliance
Magistracy of Canopus
Taurian Concordat
Marian Hegemony
Word of Blake
Running Campaigns Using Covert Operations
Clan vs. Inner Sphere Adventures
Nation-states vs. Private Agencies
Types of Games
Espionage and Intelligence Gathering
Media Monitoring
Sabotage, Kidnapping and Assassination
Security/Spy Hunters
Protection Details
Covert Ops Characters
Covert Operations-Only Campaigns
Mixed-Character Campaigns
Non-Covert Campaigns
Player Character Double-and Triple-Agents
Double-Blind Play
Moles and Turncoats


  • In the introduction, Roma Gritten, the Chief Intelligence Officer for StarCorps Industries, presents the material of Masters and Minions as intelligence from the company's Notable Players report.