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Matabushi Incorporated

Matabushi Incorporated
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Avon
Primary Products DropShips


As of 3025, Matabushi Incorporated was already the most prosperous and technologically advanced corporation in the Draconis Combine, with first bid on any contracts and first civilian access to any new technology captured.[1]

In the mid-3050s, the company expanded into the military market, building DropShips for the Draconis Combine Admiralty. Prior to that, Matabushi was best known on Pesht, where it produced computers and electronics for the civilian market. The Pesht office also served as a center for interstellar trade and finance.[2]

During the long Jihad, the facility on Avon suffered capital and personnel losses of 35%, and the operating capacity of the factory had been reduced to 80% of their main production volume in 3079,[3][4] but the plant was quickly restored to full production.[5]

Company ProfileEdit

Home Office: Corant City, Albiero[1]

President/CEO: Duke Ishi Tahiro (ca. 3024 until at least 3029[6][1])

Principal Divisions
Division Name: Matabushi National Service[1]

  • Division Head: Marquis Norimoto Tahiro
  • Chief Products: Advanced Electronics and Computer

Division Name: Matabushi Computing Equipment[1]

  • Division Head: Marquis Tonomahi Tahiro
  • Chief Products: Defense computers and Tracking equipment

Divison Name: Matabushi Artificial Workforce [1]

  • Divison Head: Marquis Yasu Hanagata
  • Chief Products: Robotics

Divison Name: Matabushi Finance[1]

  • Divison Head: Marquis Nagate Tahiro
  • Chief Products: Banking and Investment

Division Name: Matabushi Trade[1]

  • Divison Head: Marquis Tanji Koetsu
  • Chief Products: Sipping and Trading


The Matabushi National Service division was the closest to being a defense contractor that any civilian Combine corporation. The company produces guidance and tracking sensor systems and manufactures other computerized equipment that might have applications in civilian transportation. In the Draconis Combine though, any equipment is subject to military requisition as only a token minimum goes for civilian use.[7]

Matabushi Computing Equipment is also subject to military requisition, but for them there was more equipment available for civilian use as most of the products were for the benefit of other corporations serving the Combine.[7]

Matabushi Finance is the only sizable private finance firm in the Kurita sphere as most banks are government-run. One of the company's major functions is to change House Bills liberated from other Successor States into useful currency, usually C-Bills.[7]

Matabushi Trade started as a sideline to Matabushi Finance as a way to launder money throughout settled space. Most of the company's dealings are with the Bandit Kings in the shadowy world of the Periphery. The division though also operates in every Successor State.[7]

Matabushi Incorporated has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


In the 3054, the Avon plant is secured by the First Jaguar Guards and Firs Nova Cat Guards.[8]

Components produced on Avon:[9][10][11]
Component Type
Overlord[9][10][12][11] Dropship
Union[9][10][12][11] Dropship
Overlord-C[10][11] Dropship
Union-C[10][11] Dropship
Interplanetary Drive - Dropships
Star League V250 Union[9]
Star League V450 Overlord[9]


Matabushi Incorporated appeared in the first MechWarrior video game, though it should be noted that the canonicity of that game is uncertain. In the game, Duke Ishi Tahiro and Marquis Tanji Koetsu, both Chief Executive Officers, were in charge between 3024 and 3029, during Operation Inroad and its aftermath.


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