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Maxophilia Rubinsky

Maxophilia Rubinsky
Affiliation AFFS
Rubinsky's Light Horse
Grover's Heavy Guard
Rubinsky's Brigade
Profession Captain
Parents Marko Rubinsky (father)
Siblings Tamas Rubinsky


Maxophilia Rubinsky attended a small MechWarrior academy in the Tikonov Reaches before serving a term with the Fourth Davion Guards. After that she joined the Rubinsky's Light Horse. After a heated argument with her father on who was best suited to succeed him, her natural gift for leadership and talent at tactics and strategy shown to good advantage in her salvaging of the Heavy Guard, or her brother, she left the unit.

She joined Grover's Heavy Guard as a new recruit and was part of the disastrous raid in 3057. In the raid, against Clan Smoke Jaguar target, the Heavy Guard's commander ignored the advice of the newly recruited Maxophilia Rubinsky and walked his unit straight into the waiting guns of a Jaguar Binary. When he was killed and the executive officer faltered, Maxophilia immediately took command and led the unit to a more defensible position, succeeding in defeating the Clan unit and escaping with half its original strength. The survivors created Rubinsky's Brigade with Maxophilia as the commanding officer, a position she still kept in 3059.[1]


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