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McCarron's Trading Company

McCarron's Trading Company
Company Information
Founding Year 3032[1]
Interstellar Company Yes[1]
Primary Site(s) Menke
Primary Products Buy/Sell Goods/Services[1]


Established after the 4th Succession War to aid McCarron's Armored Cavalry in rebuilding its damaged forces. McCarron's Trading Company, aka MTC, Inc, was formed when Archibald McCarron created a series of trading companies across the Inner Sphere that would buy and sell goods/services to any interested party. The primary objective of this company is to provide new technology and supplies to the Big Mac.[1] This was decisive during the Andurien Secession wherein the rapidly rebuilt Big Mac repelled the invaders.[2] MTC's shipping yards and warehouses would years later suffer heavy damage from the Federated Commonwealth's retaliatory attack for the unit's raids during the War of 3039.[3]

The company will not do business with the Federated Suns directly but will hire middlemen to facilitate the exchange.[1]

Originally limited to the production of McCarron family owned Menke Armor and Armaments[4] to trade with, the 3060 investiture of Menke and Mitchel to Lord Marcus Baxter saw a massive expansion of MTC, Inc's resources. Now having access to all of Menke's production facilities, including StarCorps Industries' Emperor BattleMech, McCarron's Trading Company can now trade for any BattleMech produced in the Inner Sphere.[5][6]


McCarron's Trading Company has access to the production on the following planets:


Companies on Menke:
Company Production
Ceres Metals Industries Po, Po II, Zahn Heavy Transport, Armor, Electronics, Missiles, Autocannon[7][8][9][10]
Menke Armor and Armament Armor, Artillery, Missiles[11][12]
StarCorps Industries Marco, Warhammer, Emperor, Engines, Electronics, Lasers, Armor[13][14]


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