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‘Mech HeistEdit


Mandril: Sir, I think we’re going to need some heavier chassis before we take on the MODL patrols. Dresari has a remote ‘Mech base in the region that may just what we’re looking for. The local rebellion appears to have enemy forces stretched pretty thin. If we can occupy the base for even a few hours, it will greatly increase our firepower throughout the operation.


‘Mech Heist: In upcoming missions, you will be facing larger ‘Mechs and more of them. We need to get heavier ‘Mech; there are few problems the Legion cannot solve with sufficient firepower. The local Dresari ‘Mech Base is close to a massive battle with rebel forces. This gives Striker Lance an opportunity to quickly liberate some ‘Mech chassis, as well as bloody Dresari’s nose.


Mandril: Striker Lance, be advised the ‘Mech base appears to be on full alert. The rebels are staging a full blown attack on a prison facility northeast of the base we’re after. The techs are holed up just north of the base, and can’t move in until you neutralize the base defenders. I’ve deployed forward recon to keep tabs on the battle lines. It looks clear for now, but, to be safe, I’m running your Nav Points well away from the action. There’s a comm station at Nav Alpha. Expect light point defense and possible ‘Mech patrols. Take out the station to further disrupt Dresari’s communication infrastructure.

Eric: Roger, Mandril. Hopefully the main base defenders have been thinned out to support the prison facility.

Mandril: Taking out their airbase has severely limited their fighter cover. That should keep them guessing where the next attack is coming from.

Eric: Roger. Let’s hope it makes the difference.

Radcliffe: Sir, Dresari fighters on fast approach!

Mandril: Striker One, activity to the northeast is increasing. Pockets of fighting are drifting all over. Some may be coming your way. Stay alert.

Mandril: Striker One, forward recon reports a rebel ‘Mech engaging Dresari forces vicinity Nav Beta. I’ve uploaded his IFF data to your computer. Your HUD will register him as a friendly. We don’t know what these rebels are really about, so use caution.

Eric: Roger, Mandril. We’ll watch out for him.

Radcliffe: Three to one! Hardly sporting of them.

Eric: There’s the ‘Mech base. Looks like a screen of missile turrets.

Mandril: Roger, Striker One. Tech convoy awaiting all clear. Patching you through.

Badger One: Striker One, this is Badger convoy. If you take out their turret control, we should be able to re-route targeting through our onboard systems once we’re on base.

Eric: Roger, Badger One, we’ll keep it in mind.

Badger One: Be advised, we’ve had visual on at least two Demolisher tanks on base. Approach with extreme caution.

Mandril: Striker One, looks like the battle is going badly for the rebels to the northeast. Sensors pick up a repair facility on the eastern edge of the base. You may want to use that in case the Dresaris decide they can spare some of their heavier ‘Mechs to reinforce the ‘Mech base.

Mandril: Striker One, Badger One, be advised. I’m showing a sizable group of light vehicles heading your way.

Eric: Roger.

Eric: Badger One, base is clear of defenders. Let’s do this!

Badger One: Badger convoy is rolling.

Badger One: Badger is on site. Give us a minute, and we’ll hotwire the remaining turrets.

Badger One: Turrets are live again.

Rebel: Command, this is Number Two. We’re getting hammered! We need to fall back.

Mandril: Striker One, forward recon has four rebel ‘Mechs in serious trouble east of the ‘Mech base. Uploading as Nav Delta. Assist at your discretion.

Radcliffe: Those Dresari ‘Mechs will know we’re here soon enough. If we strike now, they’ll have twice the targets to engage.

Isabel: Funny, last time I looked we were working for Steiner, not backwater riff raff.

Eric: Badger One, hold the fort. We’re moving to Delta.

Badger One: Uh, roger. But don’t go leaving us in the wind, sir.

Eric: Hold tight and stay on the comm. We’ll be right back.

Mandril: Forward recon reports all rebels at Delta destroyed. Dresari ‘Mechs are falling back to the north. TacCom en-route to ‘Mech base. Good work! Mandril out.

Badger One: Affirmative. Long range base scanners show zero hostiles on scope. Looks like we’ll have the run of the place.

Eric: Roger. Prepare for rapid salvage and refit. We need to hit our next targets as soon as possible.