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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Canyon Ambush

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Canyon AmbushEdit


Mandril: Initial recon has come across a Medium lance of ‘Mechs and support vehicles that may be attempting to track us down. The numerous canyons and washouts in the locale could provide us excellent cover if we want to lay an ambush for them.


Canyon Ambush: Recon reports that a group of Dresari ‘Mechs and assorted support vehicles may be closing in on you. Utilize the local terrain to set an ambush.


Mandril: All ‘Mechs in place. The Dresari ‘Mech patrol is coming through the canyons. Sensors pick up a half dozen support vehicles with them. This is going to be a guerilla ambush. Take down all enemy ‘Mechs and run before they know what hit them.

Eric: Mandril, how many ‘Mechs are in the patrol.

Mandril: At least six, Striker One, but if we’ve done our job right, surprise will be total.

Isabel: Should give us a few good shots before they come to their senses.

Mandril: The vehicles do not need to be targeted. We just need to eliminate our pursuers.

Eric: I’m going to stay on the ridge. Striker Lance, let me know when the enemies are in position, then attack after I fire the first shot. Keep your sensors in passive mode until we strike, so they won’t pick us up.

Radcliffe: Roger, sir.

Mandril: Striker One, go to passive sensors to avoid enemy detection.

Radcliffe: Three ‘Mechs down!

Eric: All ‘Mechs destroyed. Lets get out of here, Striker Lance.

Isabel: Short and sweet. Bet they’ll think twice about tailing the Black Legion.

Mandril: Great job, Striker Lance. Now, we’ll be able to move quickly through Dresari occupied territory.

Eric: Heading to Zeta, Mandril. We’ll hook up with you soon. Out.