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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Capture Supply Convoy

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Capture Supply ConvoyEdit


Transmission: People of Kentares. We mourn the loss of Sir Peter Dresari, who was slain in battle, murdered by the forces that support the usurper, Duke William Dresari. Sir Peter’s death is tragic, but the struggle to free Kentares continues. Remember, Sir Peter’s death was for your liberation. Even now, the fight rages on. Resistance fighters have successfully disrupted military cargo shipping, sabotaging equipment and services across Kentares. And the forces that gathered under Sir Peter’s banner are still out there. Steiner forces are not as powerful as they would have you believe. The fight is not over! The fight is not lost! Remember Sir Peter Dresari!


Capture Supply Convoy: Steiner is attempting to move repair supplies, technicians, and reinforcements to a DropShip. Intercept the convoy, destroy the military forces, and capture the convoy. They are ahead of you on the mountain paths, so move fast.


Ian: Control, this is Omega Lead. We are in the pass.

Rathburn: Roger, Omega Lead. Forward has the convoy’s last position at Nav Alpha. They’ll be moving through the pass somewhere beyond that. You’ll need to move fast to catch up. Once you intercept them, destroy the escorts to force a surrender. Hold position once you get them stopped, and we’ll get teams in there to recover the gear. Luck!

Ian: Affirmative.

Casey: Oh, great. I felt like having a little jog.

Gonzales: I say we ignore these guys and stay on the convoy. They’re just trying to delay us.

Casey: Looks like they’re trying to draw us off.

Ian: Attention, Steiner convoy. Your escorts have been destroyed. Stop immediately and shut down your engines, or we’ll turn you into scrap.

Casey: If I were in a cargo track, I’d listen to anybody with enough firepower to turn me into a char mark.

Gonzales: Your move, boys. Take it from me, he’s definitely stressed out. Maybe a little unbalanced, too.

Ian: Hah. Thanks a lot, Jules.

Gonzales: Hey, it worked, didn’t it?

Ian: Control, this is Omega Lead. We’ve got the convoy shut down, and the area looks secure.

Rathburn: Roger, Omega. Hold the convoy there for now. Once the salvage teams secure the area, I’ll signal to return to base. Support, upload Nav Omega and move in.

Support: Support is rolling.

Ian: Roger, Control. We’ll hold here. I don’t think these guys will give us any problems.

Rathburn: I would imagine not. Good work. Control, out.