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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Defend Base

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Defend BaseEdit


Rathburn: Ian, I didn’t want to broadcast this to you when you were in the field. We just got through to her. Your sister, Johanna, she’s alive. She’s been working within the resistance. Hold on.

Johanna: It’s true. You came back. You came back. Are you all right?

Ian: Johanna, it is you! I’m…I’m fine. Did anyone else make it out?

Johanna: No. Father… I wasn’t with them when Steiner attacked. Elizabeth survived the attack but, Ian… They shot her. One of father’s security specialists got me out of the capital and here. I found out that uncle Peter was working with the resistance, but I had no way to contact him. They didn’t even want me to contact you when I found out you were on Kentares.

Ian: Is there somewhere we can see each other in person?

Johanna: Not yet. We can’t be in the same place right now. We’re taking a risk just talking. But I had to see your face. It’s been so long. You have no idea what Roland has been putting people through. Denial of food. False arrests. Firing on unarmed crowds while taking peace and order. People are afraid, Ian, but they’re resisting. They’re running Steiner forces ragged, especially since you got their ships. Roland can’t project his power nearly as effectively as he needs to. Now that you’re fighting back, too, they’ll see that they don’t have to just lie down and take it. Tell me how I can help you.

Ian: I’m okay. Just keep building the force Peter started, and stay safe.

Johanna: I will. As soon as there’s… They’re telling me I need to break the connection. I’ll talk to you soon. Be careful. Goodbye.

Rathburn: Sorry, we lost the signal. The resistance is nervous about communication intercepts. I’m very glad to hear your sister is all right, sir.

Ian: I can barely believe it. Thanks.

Rathburn: With your permission, I’ll tell the rest of the team about your sister.

Ian: Of course. Go ahead.

Rathburn: Thank you, sir.

Jen: Ian! Elise told us about Johanna. I’m so happy for you. We’re all very happy for you, naturally. And it’s good to know we aren’t all out here alone. I hope you two will see each other soon.

Ian: Thanks, Jen.


Defend Base: Steiner forces are on a major offensive. We need to relieve forces at Nav Alpha and proceed to a large allied base at Nav Beta. You can expect a fierce assault by enemy forces at both locations. Again, watch the impact of the desert heat upon your ‘Mechs.


Rathburn: Omega Lead, we’re still picking up scattered contacts in the area. We assume Steiner’s preparing an attack on Bravo. I’ve got Base Commander Erland on comm. He’s going to give you an update on what he needs. Good luck.

Erland: Omega Lead, this is Erland. Bravo reports they have you on long range sensors. I’m at the defensive outpost at Nav Point Alpha. I’ll hold here and investigate the contacts we’ve been picking up. Be advised, we’ve lost two supply convoys in your area this morning, so be on guard for enemy forces en route.

Ian: Roger that, Erland. I’ll clear any enemy units I smoke out. See you at Alpha.

Steiner: Attention, your base is lost! Shut down and surrender immediately!

Jen: Right!

Erland: Omega Lead, this is Erland. You got here just in time. The enemy column’s headed this way. They’re going for the anti-aircraft turrets on that ridge. Those turrets are the only thing defending Bravo Base from their bombers. We’ve got to take out that column.

Gonzales: Let’s do it!

Patrol: This is Patrol Two-Four. We’ve sighted a full Lance of enemy ‘Mechs in the canyon just west of your position. They’re headed for Bravo.

Casey: This might just get a little tricky.

Patrol: Bravo Control, this is Two-Four. Enemy units are disengaging at the outpost and heading your way.

Bravo Control: Roger, Two-Four. All units, pull back! Return to base and take up defensive positions. Steiner will be going for the ‘Mech hangars. Defend at all costs. Repeat, defend hangars at all costs. Batteries, fire at will.

Jen: We’d better get to that base.

Bravo Control: Enemy ‘Mechs on base! Multiple units on base! All units, defend the ‘Mech hangars!

Bravo Control: Defensive units, we show Steiner forces pulling back or destroyed. We did it! Bravo is secure. Omega, thanks for your assistance. I think you turned the tide.

Erland: Definitely, Omega. With our base intact, we’ll be able to press our attacks. Thanks for the help.

Ian: Glad to do it. Omega Control, looks like we’re done. Bravo secured.

Rathburn: Acknowledged, Omega Lead. Good work. Conduct repair operations at Bravo and return to Omega base once you’re set. Two-Four, sweep and secure area while Omega Lance is down.

Patrol: Affirmative, Control. Area looks clear, but we’ll patrol the perimeter while Omega gets fixed up.