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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Destroy DropShip

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Destroy DropShipEdit


Rathburn: We intercepted a communication between Lord Roland and Major Castro. I’ll forward what we have.

Roland: <static> information <static> about that DropShip. I made promises, Vonda!

Castro: I also know you downplayed your losses on the moon in your latest report to the Archon.

Roland: Well, with Peter Dresari dead, I at least get some compensation for the loss of my satellite facility.

Castro: Losing that facility makes it that much harder to track the Dresari forces. And, the fact that it was attacked after Sir Peter’s death indicates that someone else is carrying on. I respectfully suggest that you stop underestimating the threat of insurrection, Lord Roland.

Rathburn: Sir, I’d like to express my sympathies about Peter. They’re overdue. I looked up to your uncle for many years, so his death was hard for me, but I didn’t really think about how hard it was for you. To lose another member of your family – really the last connection you had to your family on Kentares. I’m sorry.

Ian: Thank you, Elise. I know we’ll all miss him.

Rathburn: Your uncle gave me your military dossier when he brought me into this campaign, so I guess I really don’t have any excuse for not giving you much credit for what you’ve been able to accomplish. Maybe I tend to overestimate the importance of MechCommanders in getting wars won, but I understand now why your uncle believed you were critical to our success. Not just for political reasons, which is what I first thought. You’ve gotten us this far, Ian. Let me know what you need, and I’ll back you up.

Ian: Thanks, Elise. Just keep doing the kind of job you have so far.

Rathburn: Thank you, Sir. I’ll do my best. Good luck taking out the DropShip.

Karl: I want you to know, young Dresari, that I believe you made the right decision in going after the DropShip before pressing on. The terrain in this region is rugged. Medium ‘Mechs shouldn’t have much trouble. The enemy will have larger ‘Mechs, and we need to strike quickly, so heavier weapons loadouts and more armor are warranted. We’ll have to surprise them to triumph, so use stealth and the cover of terrain whenever possible.

Ian: Thanks, Karl.

Karl: It is my honor, young Duke.

Karl: Good work, young Duke. The convoy was carrying a large cache of supplies we can use in our attack. Most significantly, mobile artillery. The crews are getting the guns set up within range of the DropShip repair encampment. If you mount an artillery targeting sight on your ‘Mech, when you engage, you can use the guns to help you destroy the DropShip.

Ian: I used artillery strikes to neutralize targets on Port Arthur. I’ll keep that in mind.

Karl: That ship may still have operational weapons. If so, they’ll try to get them operational as soon as they realize you’re inbound, so don’t get too close. Remember, it’s a big target. Load up on long range weapons and stay the hell away from it.

Gonzales: Commander!

Ian: Yes, Jules?

Gonzales: I want to mention I’ve had a lot of training in night fighting. I think it would be the right approach for our situation.

Ian: I don’t disagree, but what’s your reason?

Gonzales: Well, beyond less heat buildup, any time we’re walking into a situation where the enemy outnumbers us, night gives us the edge. Fewer of their units will be used to night fighting, detection ranges will be shorter, and they’ll have a lot harder time targeting. Beyond that, we can use the cover of night to retreat, if necessary. Also, I think the rest of the team needs all the night fighting experience they can get.

Ian: Good points, Jules. I’ll think it over, and if we get into any situations that require night fighting, I’ll keep your skills in mind.

Gonzales: Thank you, commander. I’d appreciate it.


Destroy DropShip: We can take a strike at the Steiner DropShip. It is crippled, but that doesn’t mean it will not get its weapons online. If it does activate its weapons, use range, mobility, and friendly artillery to bring it down. If we win through, we will have a huge advantage over Steiner.


Ian: Control, we are on the perimeter.

Rathburn: Roger, Omega Lead. We have Foxtrot Zero-Niner moving into position for recon. Artillery is standing by. DropShip location is to the northeast. We don’t know repair status on the DropShip, so, just like on the moon, try to take it out before it can power up. All groups report.

Artillery: Artillery is locked and loaded. Give us a target and we’re ready to fire, over.

Rescue: Rescue and recovery standing by in four klicks, over.

Salvage: Salvage, standing by, over.

Foxtrot 0-9: This is FoxTrot Zero Niner. We’ve sighted the DropShip. Just follow the big skidmarks in. They have multiple crews working on the bird. Looks pretty close to airworthy. We have a mixed lance of medium and light ‘Mechs providing cover. Various other armed units moving around down here too. No sign they know we’re here. Over.

Ian: Okay, team. Let’s take out that DropShip.

Casey: If Roland was about to recover from the loss we handed him on the moon, he’s about to get some really bad news.

Ian: Control! We just got hit with an active sensor. They know we’re here! We’ve gotta do this quick before they get that DropShip powered up.

Rathburn: Omega, I’m picking up some EM interference. They must be powering up the DropShip systems. Be careful.

Gonzales: Looks like a supply cache on the port side of the ship. We might get some good salvage out of this if artillery doesn’t drop a shell on it.

Artillery: Artillery here. Confirmed. Don’t paint it, and we don’t hit it.

Gonzales: All right! I thought it’d never go up!

F09: Foxtrot Zero-Niner. One Steiner DropShip, permanently out of commission.

Ian: Good work, team.

Rathburn: Roger that, Foxtrot. Omega Lead, all other units, return to Kentares’ only remaining DropShip. We’re heading for the desert and a rendezvous with allied units.