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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Destroy Patrols

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Destroy PatrolsEdit


Rathburn: Good work, sir. Destroying the bombers gave Vale a stay of execution. Unfortunately, it may only be a limited reprieve. I picked up this transmission as you were returning from the ‘Mech bay.

Burke: My lord?

Roland: What is it, Burke?

Burke: The airfield’s been destroyed. When I arrived, it was still on fire. The bombers are scattered in pieces all over the area.

Roland: Destroyed?!!! Scattered?!!! I had communication with that airfield not two hours ago.

Burke: There are signs of ‘Mechs all over the field. It must have been Dresari.

Roland: If you and William had killed this upstart along with his uncle, I would still have my satellites; still have my DropShips; still have my supplies; still have my bombers; and still have some reason not to have you flogged to death. As it is, I have none of those things, and no way to follow through with my decree.

Burke: You have the destroyer stationed at Argonne, my lord. It could sail up the coast and shell the town from the sea. It could be here with only a day’s delay in your decree, and Dresari must still be in the area. I’ll find him and bring him to you.

Roland: Bring me Dresari’s head and you live. But your failure to deal with this situation earlier will be noted on your record, along with two grade reductions in rank. Are my orders clear, Lieutenant?

Burke: Yes, my lord. I will begin my search immediately. He will be dead by morning.

Rathburn: That’s it.

Ian: Is there any way we could stop that destroyer?

Rathburn: Negative, but I had another idea. Roland won’t rest until he levels the town. Let him. It’ll be almost forty hours before the destroyer’s in range. Vale is a seaport, as are several other towns within sixty klicks along the coast. Collectively, they have a small fleet of civilian watercraft. We evacuate the town by sea, boatlift the entire population out.

Ian: Is that possible?

Rathburn: If we act fast. This whole coast has become a hotbed of resistance activity. I don’t think there’d be any question we could get the ships. It’d be close, but it could be done. Roland does have some small craft that patrol the coastal waters. They’re spread out over a large area along the coast. They’d have to be eliminated, or they’d stop the evacuation and radio for reinforcements.

Ian: All right. We’ll split up and hunt down Roland’s coastal patrols individually. They shouldn’t present much threat to a single ‘Mech.

Rathburn: I’ll upload a map of the area, and contact resistance personnel to get the boatlift started.

Casey: So, Ian, I saw “Lieutenant” Burke’s exchange with Roland. Sounds like if you don’t get him, Roland will.

Ian: Either way works for me.

Casey: Don’t you want to take him out yourself? I do. That’s the pig that killed the Colonel.

Ian: I don’t care how it happens, Casey. I want it to happen, but right now I’m trying to save Vale.

Casey: So am I, sir. No question. But it would be okay with me if, ah, Burke got in the way.

Ian: I suspect you’ll get your wish, Casey.


Destroy Patrols: We need to split up to cover all threats to the civilian populace. Your job will be to sweep through the swamp and eliminate all enemy patrols. You can expect mostly hovercraft, but do not underestimate Steiner.


Ian: Omega Control, I’m in position. Pretty foggy.

Rathburn: Roger that, Ian. Just run the Nav Points I set up in your navcomputer, and take out any patrols operating in the marshes. Should be mostly hovercraft in that area. Satellites picked up four groups.

Ian: Roger, Major. I’ll sweep the Nav Points and destroy any units I see. How’s everyone else doing.

Rathburn: They’re all deployed taking out some of the other threats to the boatlift.

Casey: How’s it going, boss? I ran into a few units, mostly hovercraft.

Jen: Ian, Steiner has a few batteries set up for coastal defense. I still have a couple to take out. Be careful out there.

Gonzales: Jules here. I haven’t encountered anything. This area’s pretty empty. Good hunting, sir.

Terra: Terra reporting, Commander. Ran into a couple of patrols, but other than that, they’re pretty light. It’s making me nervous.

Ian: Glad to hear everyone’s staying busy. I’ll sweep this area and get back as soon as possible.

Ian: Okay, got one. Not too bad.

Rathburn: Roger that. Shouldn’t be more than three left.

Ian: That’s two.

Rathburn: Roger. At this rate, it shouldn’t take you too long.

Ian: Third patrol neutralized, Control.

Rathburn: Roger. Just hit the last one and get back.

Ian: Roger. I just picked up an intermittent radar contact. Any RF sources in the area?

Rathburn: Uh, negative. Maybe you’d better break off.

Ian: Just one patrol to knock off, and I’ll head back.

Ian: Okay, that should be the last of them. I’m on my way back.

Burke: So soon? The fun’s just starting.

Ian: Who’s on this frequency? Identify!

Burke: You don’t recognize my voice? I’m hurt. This is Lieutenant Burke. Time for you to join your uncle, you worthless insect.

Rathburn: Ian, get out of there.

Burke: Where’s he going to go, lady? No place to run. He doesn’t have his lance to hold his hand. So sad.

Rathburn: Omega units, move to zero-zero-four-zero-two-one-five-one, best speed. Omega Lead requires assistance.

Burke: Oh, but they’re too far away, Major. By the time anyone gets here, there won’t be anything left to save. I knew you were in the area, Dresari. It was just a matter of hunting you down. You couldn’t resist a chance to save your people. Let’s see you save yourself.

Burke: When I finish with you, Dresari, you’ll be just as dead as the rest of your family.

Burke: That’s the best you have? You fight worse than Sir Peter did. Come on, boy! Give me a little sport for my trouble.

Burke: You're outclassed, outgunned, and out of time! Any last words?

Burke: Time to join your daddy, boy! I’m getting tired of this.

Burke: No! This is impossible! <BOOM>

Ian: Target’s neutralized, Control. I’m heading back.

Rathburn: Ian, you’re all right?

Ian: I’ll make it.

Rathburn: And Burke?

Ian: He’s dead, Major. He didn’t eject. Maybe he was afraid to.

Rathburn: Good riddance. Omega units, head to zero-zero-four-one-two-one-five-zero. Escort Omega Lead back to base.