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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Destroy SCUD Launchers

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Destroy SCUD LaunchersEdit


Peter: All right, we’ve bloodied their noses, even if they won’t know it right away. With communications cut, we’ll be able to move in secrecy for a while. From here on, I want you to take a command role with the team. They need to start seeing you as their leader, so I’d like you to determine our next mission, and get us set up. I’ve uploaded our Tac Officer’s operational overview. It’s simple enough. Steiner only left a few DropShips behind, and all but one are hangared here on the moon, where it’s…safe. Before we hit dirtside, we’ll need to destroy the DropShips, to cripple the mobility of Steiner’s defensive forces. We also have to raid additional supplies from some of the remaining lunar facilities. They’re undefended. The only threat to those raids are Steiner mobile artillery units. They’ll have to be neutralized before we can start our raiding operations.

Ian: All right.

Peter: I’ve asked Karl Sontag, our Technical Officer, to configure ‘Mechs for the missions. Now, Karl’s a good man, and one hell of an engineer. Your father used to say “Give Karl a hundred tons of steel wool and he’ll make you an Atlas overnight. Change the loadouts if you want to, but I doubt you’ll improve on his choices. We’re all waiting for your orders, Ian. I know you’re up to the challenge.

Ian: Yes?

Peter: Good news! Tactical just informed me that the techs pulled Steiner encryption codes out of the ‘Mechs we left at the Comm. facility. We’ll be able to intercept enemy communications, some of them, anyway. We should also be able to locate other pockets of resistance. We should start getting some useful information in the next few hours. I’ll keep you updated.

Ian: Hello, Karl. It’s been a long time.

Karl: I didn’t know if you’d remember me. I served your father for a long time, but the last time I saw you, you were a boy. Duke Eric was a fine man, and a great leader. We will miss him. I will miss him. He would have wanted better for you, but I’ll give you the best I can.

Karl: I’ve modified our ‘Mechs by stripping out some of the heat sinks. The heat dissipation in this environment is so efficient, they’d just be a waste. You won’t need much speed for these missions, so I’ve added extra armor, just in case. Not much weaponry to choose from, yet, but that will change soon enough. Bring in any good weapons or material as salvage, and I will keep you ready to fight.

Karl: I kept your father’s ‘Mechs in shape for him. I’ll do the same for you, young Dresari.


Destroy Steiner missile vehicles: Steiner is moving missile vehicles through our operational area in preparation for an attack. Sweep the area and destroy the Steiner launch vehicles. The vehicles will be escorted, and this escort may include enemy ‘Mech forces.


Omega Control: This is Omega Control. Omega Support, stand by position. Omega One, the mobile launchers you need to neutralize lay somewhere in the ravine. You may encounter them at any point along your sweep pattern, so maintain active radar and move to Nav Point Alpha. Sweep and destroy any units you encounter in the ravine.

Ian: Roger, Control. Moving to Nav Point Alpha.

Gonzales: Roger Control. Radar active, display set to maximum range. We’ll run the pattern and ice anything we find.

Omega Control: Good luck.

Gonzales: Thanks Major. Lieutenant Dresari, let’s do it!

Ian: Roger that, Omega Two.

Gonzales: It’s ‘Gonzales,” sir.

Ian: Roger that…Gonzales.

Gonzales: Sir! I’ve got a visual on a ‘Mech! Must be an escort. Let’s take him out.

Ian: Scratch one launcher. Let’s nail the other one.

Gonzales: Looks like they’ve got a lot of ammo on board those things. We’d better stay clear of the blast, or we may take some damage.

Gonzales: I’ve got a contact ahead, sir. Now it gets interesting.

Gonzales: I think that’s all of them.

Ian: Roger, Gonzales. I think we got ‘em all. Control, this is Omega One. We’ve run the pattern. All units neutralized.

Omega Control: Roger, Omega One. Good work! Return to base. Omega Support, begin salvage operations. See if there’s any ammo to recover. Karl can use anything we can possibly repair. Window – three hours.

Omega Support: Roger, Control. Starting salvage operations.

Omega Control: Epsilon Two, sweep’s complete. You’re clear to begin operations at Tholis Basin.

Epsilon Two: Roger Control, moving out.

Gonzales: Good work, Lieutenant. Pleasure working with you.

Ian: Same here, Gonzales. I’m happy with any mission I can walk back from.

Gonzales: Roger.