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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/DropShip Hunt

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DropShip HuntEdit


Ian: Yes?

Gonzales: This is Jules Gonzales. Good work out there. Keep it up! I talked with Colonel Sharpe, he said you were blooded against the Clans. Guess that means you’ve seen heavy action.

Ian: I saw my share.

Gonzales: That’s good, because what we’ve run up against so far is minor compared to what we’ll find down on Kentares, and that’s straight from the Colonel. I just didn’t want you thinking it was always going to be this easy.

Ian: I figured.

Gonzales: Maybe we’ll live through this.

Karl: Young Dresari, just so you know, I have adapted the gear you brought in as salvage for use with our ‘Mechs.

Ian: Good work.

Karl: It’s nice equipment. Steiner shops well. Once we get planetside, there will be more, and more need of it.

Casey: Hey, Ian! I was surfing the airwaves and thought you might enjoy this. Sounds like some kindred spirits down on Kentares.

Voice of Freedom: Attention Kentares! This is the Voice of Freedom. The oppression of the illegal Steiner occupation force does not go unchallenged. Across our planet, small bands of rebels are struggling to overthrow the Steiner tyrants and their puppet, William. Do not be fooled by Steiner’s propagandists. Their claims that yesterday’s communications interruption was the result of a convenient mechanical failure are a lie. The military and defense network was neutralized by one of the many resistance groups rising up against House Steiner. Take heart, loyal citizens. The enemy invaders on our soil are not as powerful as they would have us believe.


Destroy Steiner DropShips: We have an opportunity to cripple Steiner’s activities on and around Kentares IV. Three DropShips are preparing to take off. If we strike quickly, we can deliver a decisive blow. Be careful if they get powered up. DropShips can be devastating. Target mobile APUs to slow down the launch procedure. Also, their engines are vulnerable to attack.


Peter: Control, this is Omega Lead. We’re in position and moving towards the targets.

Omega Command: Roger, Omega Lead. Omega Forward, move out and see what intel you can get on the DropShip positions.

Omega Forward: Affirmative, Control. We’ll move in on the DropShips and report back.

Peter: Roger, Forward One. Okay, Ian, we’ve given Steiner a bloody nose, time for some broken bones. The three DropShips we need to destroy are at Nav Points Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Taking them out is the key to our entire operation. Ignore the gantries and go for the three APUs at the base of each DropShip first. It will slow down their start-up procedure so we can destroy them before they get their weapons on line. Once we disable their APUs, we’ll go for the engines, which are their true Achilles heel. Heading for Nav Point Alpha. Luck.

Forward One: This is Forward One. Looks like…static defenses, not too heavy.

Peter: There’s the Alpha launch site. Take out the APUs as soon as possible. If the DropShip powers up, it’ll bring its main guns online.

Peter: Got the first one! Two more to go!

Peter: One more left!

Peter: That’s the last APU. Concentrate your fire on the DropShip engines, but stay clear. We don’t want to get caught in the blast when it goes!

Forward One: There it goes! Outstanding! Let’s get moving! We’ve got two more to go. They’re near the DropShip site we’ll see in the back.

Peter: Two ships down, one left.

Peter: That’s it! Good work, Ian. That’s all of ‘em. Control, this is Omega Lead. Mission accomplished.

Omega Control: Roger, Omega. Congratulations. Mission accomplished. Omega, return to base heading One-Seven-Zero. Salvage, mobilize for recovery operations. Window – four hours. Omega Forward – stand by for security patrols and arrival of Salvage. Control out.

Peter: With those DropShips destroyed, Steiner won’t be able to effectively counter our attacks on Kentares. This was a tough mission, Ian. It was an honor to fight by your side.