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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Final Countdown

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Final CountdownEdit


Badger: We’re in low orbit over Voltrat 3, sir. The data core named this as Major Dupree’s current command. Steiner has several MechWorks and munitions factories in operation. No sign of significant indigenous lifeforms. Atmosphere is breathable, not that you’d want to for any period of time. Exposure beyond two hours would likely be lethal.

Eric: Have you gotten a track on any of the missile bases I referenced in the core?

Badger: Affirmative, sir. Most are set for test launches and missile assembly. One base, in the southern hemisphere, seems to be set for tactical deployment. That’s our target.

Eric: Excellent. Let’s drop in and send the good major a hello.


Final Countdown: The Legion is in orbit around a volcanic rock named Voltrat 3. Hot drop into a missile installation and wire the missiles to target the Steiner bases on the moon’s surface. Watch out for the lava. It can heat up a ‘Mech or worse!


Badger: Final descent. Planetfall in ten seconds. It’s going to be a rough one.

Eric: Striker Lance is go for hot drop.

Badger: Execute!

Radcliffe: There’s the missile base. Doesn’t look like they’re expecting any company.

Eric: Striker Lance is airborne. Jump cradles burning within acceptable tolerance.

Badger: DropShip down. Coyote Platoon ready to disembark. Clear the deck and we’ll get those Titans reprogrammed in a Solaris minute.

Eric: This is Black Knight on the ground. Take out defenders, but leave mission control and all missiles intact. I’d hate to forget anyone when we deliver our greeting cards.

Badger: They weren’t expecting an attack. Light ‘Mechs are all they have.

Badger: Black Knight, be advised. Nova Wing is in low orbit waiting for green light. Take out those quad-panzers and I’ll call them in.

Eric: A walk in the park, Striker Lance. Patrols eliminated.

Eric: Base secure. Get Coyote in here and retarget the Titans for continental deployment.

Coyote: Coyote is rolling out.

Eric: They’re blowing the base! If they destroy the launch terminal, it’s going to be a hell of a lot harder to get those birds airborne.

Badger: They’d rather blow the base than have us launch those missiles. Looks like they’re evacuating base personnel on those choppers. They’re probably triggering the bombs from there. Take them out at your discretion.

Eric: Choppers eliminated.

Nova: Nova Wing to Black Knight. We mark two groups on fast approach to missile pad. Looks like Assault ‘Mechs. Six ‘Mechs in all. Get ready for some company.

Eric: Roger, Nova. Thanks for the eagle eye.

Coyote: Coyote on site. Securing launch control.

Coyote: They trashed the main terminal. I can get a few patched in, but it’s gonna take time.

Eric: Coyote, this is Black Knight. Do it!

Coyote: Yes sir. Give me five minutes.

Nova: Steiner bombers inbound on northern approach.

Eric: That’s the last of ‘em.

Coyote: I’m patched in. I need two minutes to reprogram flight paths, then we’re go for launch.

Eric: Coyote, we got Steiner ‘Mechs coming in fast! Those are gonna be two very expensive minutes.

Coyote: A minute thirty, minimum. This place is a wreck!

Eric: We got you covered. Hightail it back to the APCs as soon as the birds launch.

Badger: I’m reading multiple launches from another Steiner missile base forty klicks northeast. ETA one minute.

Eric: This is Black Knight to all Legion units. This base is gonna be a two-kilometer dust-cloud in two minutes! Execute immediate evac!

Coyote: Targets are uploaded. Birds are set for auto-launch.

Eric: Coyote, get back to the DropShip now!

Coyote: Rolling.

Badger: Visual track on inbound missile. It’s gonna be close.

Coyote: We have positive launch for our Titans! Birds are away!

Badger: Negative launch on pads six and seven. Missiles were caught in primary blast. All other missiles en-route to separate target groups. Good work, team!

Eric: There they go! Let’s see how Steiner likes that!