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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/MODL

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Mandril: Sir, we’re ready for the final stage of the op. We now have a viable plan of attack against Dresari’s orbital defense guns. Intel from a data core taken at the ‘Mech facility indicates a burnt out firebase on a remote section of the MODL path. The MODL is expected to conduct firing exercises over a two hour period. Once the test commences, they’ll maintain strict radio silence. We’ll be employing an APC-mounted blackout emitter to jam any distress calls once contact is made.


MODL: We have an op order detailing the patrol route of the two MODLs guarding the Madari Scrubland. The MODLs are guarded by several Medium and Heavy ‘Mech patrols. Striker Lance will ambush them as they pass through a destroyed base. This will enable the Legion to touch down.


Howler: Command, this is Howler. We’re in place at Nav Alpha. Blackout emitter is charged and online.

Mandril: Roger, Howler. Sit tight and await trigger call “Blackjack.” Be advised, Striker Lance, that once “Blackjack” is called, your long range comm systems will be compromised. Short-range transmissions in the field should be okay. When the MODLs are incapacitated, give Howler the all-clear sign “White Light” to cease blackout transmission.

Eric: Okay, Striker Lance. This is what we came here for. Let’s do it! Give a ready report for op.

Radcliffe: Striker Two, ready op.

Olsen: Striker Four, ready op.

Isabel: Striker Three, ready op.

Eric: Mandril, this is Striker Lance reporting ready op.

Mandril: Roger, Striker Lance. Op time is one-zero-one-five hours. Good luck. Mandril out.

Olsen: Looks like a buzzboy giving us a flyby, sir!

Radcliffe: There’s the vanguard patrol. The main body shouldn’t be too far behind.

Eric: Howler, this is Striker. Call is “Blackjack.” Repeat, call is “Blackjack.”

Howler: Roger, call is “Blackjack.” Emitter engaged.

Eric: Okay, Striker Lance. Let’s take ‘em down!

Isabel: I have visual on the rear guard. Four ‘Mechs moving up fast.

Radcliffe: Go for the legs! That should slow them down.

Eric: The first MODL is destroyed!

Eric: Howler, this is Striker One. Call is “White Light.” Repeat, call is “White Light.”

Howler: Roger, Striker One. “White Light” acknowledged. Howler out.

Eric: Mandril, this is Striker One. “White Light” is called. MODLs are destroyed. Moving to Nav Zeta.

Mandril: Excellent work, Striker One. We show enemy ‘Mechs breaking contact, heading zero-two-five. Looks like you’re in the clear. We’ll rendezvous with you at Zeta and move to Black Legion dropsite.

Isabel: Now Dresari’s in for a world of hurt!

Radcliffe: If he thought one lance of Legionnaires was a thorn in his side, I wonder how he’ll fancy the whole regiment!

Eric: Great work, Striker Lance. I’ll be submitting your names for commendation with the Colonel. The whole op would have been a bust without you.

Olsen: Even me?

Eric: Yes, Olsen. Even you.

Radcliffe: I have to admit it, Olsen. You’ve put on quite a good showing.