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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Opening Cinematic

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24 November, 3062 – Kentares IVEdit

Four-One: Palace Command, this is Four-One. We’ve spotted a second Overlord touching down. We have heavy casualties. Enemy units still moving in on the palace. Please advise.

Palace Command: Hold your position, Four-One. We’re mobilizing palace defenses, but we need time to evacuate the royal family.

Four-One: Roger, Command. We’ll do our best. Who the hell are they?

Palace Command: Alert! The palace is under attack! All units, man your stations. MechWarriors, you are cleared to mobilize and engage at will. Gunnery teams, you are authorized to fire at incoming hostiles. Area – Back palace personnel rally at Point Echo immediately.

Central Guard: We’ve got movement at the wall. Looks like LRM launchers.

Sigma Two: Sigma Lead, this is Sigma Two. Any idea what we’re up against?

Sigma Lead: FedCom strike forces. Probably the Fifth Donegal.

Sigma Two: That’s my old unit. Why would our own forces attack us?

Sigma Lead: It was inevitable. Everything has changed.

Sigma Lead: Sigma Lance, form up on my lead.

Sigma Lead: Central Guard, this is Sigma Lance Leader. We’re moving out.

Central Guard: We have the royal family aboard, but we can’t lift off until those SAM launchers are taken out.

Sigma Two: Incoming LRMs. Get clear! Look out! Get out of the hangar!

[The rest of Sigma Lance is incinerated in the hangar by an LRM barrage]

Sigma Lead: Get a track on those damn launchers!

Sigma Two: I got track!

Sigma Lead: Take ‘em out!

Sigma Two: Impact!

Central Guard: We’re taking heavy losses. We can’t hold them any further.

Sigma Lead: Nice job, Sig Two. All right, on my mark we break off and head for central courtyard.

Central Guard: We’ll fall back and try to regroup.

Sigma Two: Incoming.

Sigma Lead: Activate AMS!

Sigma Two: Sir, I’ve got missiles incoming and my interceptors are down!

Sigma Lead: Eject!

Sigma Two: Oh my…

[Sigma Two is destroyed]

Sigma Leader: Sig Two, this is Lance Leader, do you read? Karas! Can you hear me?

Sigma Leader: Central Guard, this is Sigma Leader. What’s your status?

Sigma Leader: Command, this is Sigma Leader, I’ve lost contact with Central Guard.

Sigma Leader: Any receiving unit, I have contact with main enemy force inside central courtyard. I’ll delay them here as long as I can.

[Sigma Leader is surrounded and destroyed by elements of the 5th Donegal Guards]