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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Prison Break

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Prison BreakEdit


Badger: Solid operation, sir. It’s good to have the Colonel’s ‘Mech back in the Legion hangars.

Badger: A Swift Wind recon rescue patrol discovered what appears to be a prison facility in a well-guarded mountain pass. Any Legionnaire survivors picked up by Dresari are likely to have been taken there.


Prison Break: Recon reports that several surviving Black Knight Legionnaires are being held in a remote detention center in the Cascade Mountains. Several key members of the Kentares Free Army have been imprisoned here as well.


Badger: Howler reports the main barracks in in the depression ahead. Watch your scanners closely. You could wind up on top of them before you know it.

Eric: Roger. We’ll watch for them.

Badger: The main barracks at Navs Alpha through Gamma are the likely detention blocs for Legionnaire survivors. I’m sure there’s plenty of rebel and political prisoners as well. If there’s one thing Dresari isn’t lacking, it’s people who want him dead. We suspect political prisoners are being held in barracks at Nav Delta. If you get a chance, we may want to try and spring them as well.

Eric: Acknowledged. Black Knight, out.

Rescue: Black Knight, this is Chopper Two inbound. ETA one minute.

Rescue: Rescue choppers are on site. Cover us!

Rescue: This is Chopper Two. We got seven Legionnaires. Hammer One is here, and he says the barracks over at Delta have some big players in the rebel movement locked up. Could be a real thorn in Dresari’s side if you busted ‘em out.

Badger: Black Knight, if you want to free the prisoners at Delta, it’s your call.

Radcliffe: Inbound helicopters, sir!

Rescue: Rescue choppers loaded. Ready for exodus.

Howler: Legion Express has left the station.

Badger: Black Knight, this is Badger. Calling successful op! Make best speed to Nav Epsilon and return to camp.

Eric: Roger. Let’s get our people home and regroup.