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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Rescue Sister

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Rescue SisterEdit


Karl: I’m not sure what to make of this, young Duke. Maybe you know more than I. The salvage team brought it in. It’s clearly a Clan OmniMech. It shares some parts and resembles a Mad Cat, but it’s ninety tons. Still, looks fast. It mounts a pair of gauss rifles as its principal armament along with missile packs. I can’t say what it’s capable of, but looks like cutting edge Clan technology. Should be able to stand toe-to-toe with anything in its class. I’ve uploaded the specifications data and, if you decide to use it, I’ll have it ready for you.

Rathburn: Sir, I have an incoming message from your cousin, William. It’s safe if you want to respond.

Ian: Patch it through.

William: How are you doing, cousin? Had enough?

Ian: I’m almost there.

William: And you still have far to go. And, if you get here, consider what will be waiting for you, and how much it will have cost you, just to fail in the end.

Ian: Other than shoring up your courage, do you have any reason for calling me?

William: Yes. To propose an alternative. I was wrong to grab all of the power for myself. I see that, now. You’re entitled to your share. Put a stop to all this, and you can have it, Ian. Steiner can set you up on your own world. They do that. Or, you could even share power here, with conditions.

Ian: Good bye, William.

William: Don’t walk away from this, Ian. You can’t win, but you’ve earned Roland’s respect. If you won’t negotiate, think. Johanna might. You don’t have to die.

Ian: Good bye, William.

William: Ian, we <transmission terminates>

Rathburn: That was more difficult than I expected. I’m sorry, sir, but if the HQ wasn’t so important to our assault, I’m not sure it would have been worth it.

Ian: Agreed.

Rathburn: We can beat Steiner. We can take the city, but I’m not sure there’ll be much left by the time we do. The fighting’s much bloodier than anyone expected. Roland’s got forces deployed everywhere – elite units. The infantry’s taking terrible losses going block by block. At this point, I think we’re going to need that armory, and an assault on the palace. Or, we may have to withdraw, and the conflict could drag on for months.

Ian: No! I’d rather leave Kentares to Roland than have it destroyed. We’ll assault the palace and end this. One way or another.

Rathburn: I understand.

Rathburn: All right, sir. We’re ready to go for the armory. The resistance is moving into position. They’ll start their attack any moment. Karl was familiar with the area, and will be overseeing the salvage operations, so he wanted to talk to you while we get set up.

Karl: Well, young Duke. Almost time for us both to earn our pay. I oversaw this armory under your father for many years. I regret it could not save him, but he would be glad to know it will serve his son and his world. We expect that Steiner will leave a skeleton guard close to the palace, but we cannot be sure what you’ll be up against. It depends on how your sister does with her distraction. There were several entrances to the armory. You’ll have to find one…

Rathburn: Ian! Karl! You have to move out immediately! The resistance was ambushed. They’re being wiped out. There’s no time, you have to go now!

Ian: What?! What happened?

Rathburn: We’re not sure. Roland’s forces cut off the retreat somehow. They won’t last long. You have to move out immediately, or we lose our chance at the armory.

Ian: Wait, where’s Johanna?

Rathburn: They needed her to coordinate. She must be in one of the command vehicles. She’s cut off. I’m sorry, Ian.

Ian: We have to get her out!

Rathburn: We do, and we’ve lost our shot at the armory.

Karl: Even if she doesn’t die in combat, and they capture her, they will kill her. We cannot let that happen.

Rathburn: We don’t have any choice, Karl. We can’t regroup and try again. The only way to win now…

Karl: …is to let Lady Dresari die? Ian, we can take the palace without that armory. It’s just equipment!

Rathburn: Equipment that gives us a fighting chance against the Palace Guard. Ian, your sister would want you to end this, at any cost. Getting that equipment gives you the best chance of doing that.

Karl: I’ve seen you fight, young Duke. Please! We can stage the assault with what we have. You don’t have to sacrifice your sister!

Rathburn: We’re running out of time, Ian. Either way. I’ll upload what I have on both locations. Whatever you do, you had better do it fast.

Rathburn: Sir, I have an urgent call for you.

Ian: Put it through.

Medic: You really shouldn’t talk right now.

Johanna: I need to talk to my brother. Ian, are you there?

Ian: I’m right here.

Johanna: We’ve been hit pretty bad. It’s not important. Make it to the armory! We’re going to take back the castle.

Ian: Johanna, I’m…

Johanna: Do what you came back for! Father always said you’d be a man of honor. He was so proud of that. Of you. I just wish he could see how you’ve proved him right. I have. Take back his castle. Assume his throne, Ian. Be the leader I know you can be.

Medic: Ma’am, you have to rest now. Save your strength.

Johanna: I’ll see you soon, brother.

Ian: Let me speak to someone in charge!

Medic: Major Jerrard!

Jerrard: Jerrard, here.

Ian: There’s no way the resistance can continue to stand up to what they’re throwing at you. We’ve lost the city. Get my sister to safety and prepare to withdraw.

Jerrard: Negative! We’re not beaten yet! I still think we have a chance!

Ian: Did you hear me, Major? Disengage and withdraw!

Jerrard: Yes, sir! Consider it done, sir!

Ian: Major Rathburn.

Rathburn: Yes, sir?

Ian: Coordinate with the rest of the resistance. Have them withdraw from the capital.

Rathburn: Yes, sir.

Ian: Then, get me the uploads on the palace. I need to plan our attack. Hopefully, the attack will lull Roland into relaxing the perimeter guard enough.

Rathburn: Yes, sir.


Rescue Sister: The unit your sister was leading has been overrun. Enter the combat area and search for her location. You must hurry. If Steiner knows your sister is out there, they will not hesitate to fire upon her.


Rathburn: Okay, Ian. The fighting’s still pretty hot. I don’t know how you’re going to find your sister. The resistance had several command vehicles on this mission. I’ve sent out requests that they broadcast their position, but I doubt they’ll respond, even if they can. It would make them even more of a priority target. Maybe if you can clear out some of the hostiles, they’ll send out a location report. I don’t know. I’ll keep trying.

Ian: Understood, Elise. I know you’ll do what you can. I’m gonna start sweeping the area. I’ll burn any hostiles I encounter.

Jen: Come on, Ian. Let’s do it! I know we’ll find her.

Gonzales: We’ll get her back, commander.

Rathburn: Omega Control to Six-Five Command. We are attempting rescue operations. Please report your positions.

Squire: They have the Major’s ID codes. Why the hell won’t they respond?

Ian: It’s one of the HQs. It’s been hit! If Johanna’s in there…

Terra: They had three on this mission. She could still be okay in one of the other ones.

Rathburn: Six-Five Command, this is Omega Control. Report position. Code One-One-Five-One-Three.

Terra: If Roland knows Johanna’s out here, we have to move fast.

Rathburn: Six-Five Command, this is Omega Control. Code One-One-Five-One-Three. Please report your position.

65 Command: This is Six-Five Command to Omega Control. Uh, negative on position report.

Rathburn: Request location of personnel ID six-five-two-five-two-one.

65 Command: Checking. Omega Control, ID six-five-two-five-two-one, position one-one-three-five-one-three-two-five-three-niner. Medical evac.

Rathburn: Roger Six-Five. Omega, out.

Rathburn: Ian, your sister’s on the medical evac unit. Location is uploaded as Nav Beta.

Ian: Nav Beta! Thanks, Elise!

Rathburn: Luck!

Recon 35: Recon Three-Five. Be advised that additional enemy units have entered the sector. Omega, it looks like they’re moving to intercept.

Rathburn: Do you copy that, Omega?

Ian: Roger, copy. Company’s coming!

Ian: Evac, this is Ian Dresari. Do you have my sister aboard?

Evac: This is Evac. We have a few people aboard. Do you have an ID number?

Ian: Negative. She would have come in from one of the command vehicles.

Evac: I think we’ve got her, here. She’s hit pretty bad.

Ian: Elise! I found Johanna! Get us the hell out of here!

Rathburn: Roger. Head down Halstead to Nav Zeta.

Ian: Roger, Nav Zeta. Evac, we’re going to provide escort. Follow us to Nav Zeta.

Evac: Roger that. Ready to roll.

Squire: If they fire on that evac unit, I’m gonna light up some Steiner ejection pods.

Terra: We’d better provide tight cover. It wouldn’t be beyond Roland’s troops to open fire on a medical unit.

Ian: Get my sister out of here! Elise, we’re headed back. Let me know the instant you get an update on Johanna.

Rathburn: Roger that, Ian.