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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Staging Ground

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Staging GroundEdit


Badger: Sir, we’ve arrived at the edge of what was the capital city. Reports are way too chaotic to discern any useful intel. The area is too hot for light recon. You’ll have to head in with Striker Lance and check it out. We should be okay here on the outskirts for the time being, but we need a more secure op center before we move on other city targets.

Badger: Okay, Legionnaires, we need to find a defensible location to establish a temp HQ in this quadrant. Recon Nav Points and report any viable locations. Secure the area and we’ll come to you.


Staging Ground: Take Striker Lance and scout a perspective staging ground on the outskirts of the city. Reports indicate intense fighting, so you will have to clear the area of all enemy resistance.


Eric: Badger, this is Black Knight. I have visual on large conflict at Alpha, but radar isn’t picking up anything.

Badger: Roger, Black Knight. It looks like an ECCM radar jammer. Your radar will pick up friendlies through their IFF transponders, but enemies will not show up on sensors until you take out the ECCM.

Eric: Okay, Striker Lance, until we take out the ECCM generator, I won’t be able to designate targets. Use your best judgement.

Radcliffe: I’d be a great deal more comfortable with my radar back in working order.

Badger: The rebels have keyed us into their IFF as friendlies. Looks like we’re going to have some help on this mission.

Eric: Hostiles at Alpha neutralized. Area is pretty torn up. No sign of the ECCM generator over here. We need to find that thing, ASAP.

Badger: Black Knight, I have a lead on a potential site for the generator. I’ll mark it Nav Beta.

Eric: There we go. Radar is back online.

Radcliffe: And not a minute too soon.

Eric: Beta secure, moving to Gamma.

Badger: Excellent work, Striker Lance. Proceed to Nav Gamma and clear it of hostiles. It should be an adequate spot for our staging area.

Eric: All enemy forces at Gamma eliminated. Badger, you can start rolling in.

Badger: Roger, Black Knight. TacCom is going mobile. ETA three minutes.

Eric: Make your best speed. Lots of activity and potential hostiles around.

Eric: Onsite at Gamma. There’s an underground garage here that looks fairly untouched.

Badger: Sensors have picked up a hostile contact near your location.

Eric: Dresari reinforcements inbound on Gamma. Prepare for rapid defense.

Badger: We’re sitting ducks in the open, sir. You’ll have to take them out fast.

Eric: We’re on it. Striker Lance, take ‘em out!

Badger: All clear, Black Knight. Howler reports garage clear of hostiles. Control is moving in. We should have an MFB online in one hour.

Eric: Roger. Start getting target lists together for our next op. We have to keep the pressure on. Black Knight out.