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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Sweep and Destroy

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Sweep and DestroyEdit


Rathburn: I had the secondary patrol sweep the area where Gonzales lost contact with Peter. They’ve recovered his remains. I hope that when the time is right, you’ll…give him a funeral with appropriate military honors. He would want that. I think you’d agree he earned it. We need to determine if we can go on without him. I can provide tactical guidance, Ian, I can’t lead a revolution. Peter knew how to inspire people, how to move them to take action. He helped start the resistance on Kentares, and it’s having an effect, but it’s still unorganized. Unless we can spark others to join the struggle, it’ll eventually be overwhelmed. Without Peter’s guidance, I’m not sure we can make the difference.

Karl: I share your grief, Major, but I joined Sir Peter having already lost my Duke and my world. He showed me the importance of fighting for what they meant to me, not surrendering to despair and loss. Sir Peter asked Ian to return from one unwinnable war only to join him in another. He has given us victory against Steiner every time we have met in battle. Shall we now say he’s not given enough to merit our confidence?

Rathburn: No. No, I’m not saying that.

Ian: There is no issue of whether we move forward, Elise. I can’t replace him, but Sir Peter said that if we showed resistance was possible, the people of Kentares would rally. I trust them to do their part, if we do ours.

Rathburn: Okay. We push forward, then. We were planning on moving to the Hardra Peninsula, to rendezvous with resistance elements, and liberate armaments and personnel to use against Steiner, but Karl has identified something from our new satellite data that may warrant we divert.

Karl: The DropShip your uncle crippled in orbit was able to make a rough landing in the Olympian reaches. We’re showing a lot of activity in the area that indicates Steiner is trying to get the ship operational again.

Rathburn: We could set down outside their sensor range, then move into the area by ground, neutralize the units guarding and supplying their operation, and destroy the DropShip before they can complete repairs. But, diverting from our original Op is a risk, Ian. Any delay before we rendezvous with the resistance may result in Steiner shoring up their defenses. We need the assets at Hardra, equipment and personnel, to overthrow Steiner. If we delay, we might lose them forever.

Ian: What kind of forces would we be facing at the DropShip crash site?

Rathburn: Light, compared to what they have at Hardra. It’s remote.

Ian: Then we divert. If you were facing doubts about our ability to carry on, then other members of our team will have them, too. A victory here can help us eliminate something much more dangerous than a DropShip. Upload your operational plan, and I’ll get us set up for the first drop.

Rathburn: Yes, sir.

Casey: I wanted to pass on my…condolences. Your uncle was a great man. I know, just because you’re not wearing your heart on your sleeve, that his death hasn’t affected you.

Ian: Thank you, Casey.

Casey: I also wanted to mention that, uh, Major Rathburn was hit pretty hard. She’s not exactly open about her feelings, but…she was with the Colonel a lot of years. It’s taking about everything she’s got to keep it together. Under the circumstances, she may not be at her best. I know she has a lot of faith.

Ian: If you talk to her before I do, please, tell her I understand, and I’m very sorry for what she’s going through.

Casey: I’ll tell her. Thanks. And, in case there was any doubt, I’m behind you, sir. I was from the beginning.


Sweep and Destroy: A Steiner DropShip has crashed and we may have a chance to capture it and further cripple Steiner’s ability to move troops. Scout the nearby area and brush aside the enemy ‘Mech screen.


Rathburn: Omega Lead, this is Control. I show you nearing the outer patrol area. Omega Forward, do you have your teams deployed?

Omega Forward: We’re moving out. We have to go to foot squads, so we may have some blind spots. ETA – two minutes.

Rathburn: Roger, Forward. All right, Omega Lead, we have reports of ‘Mechs patrolling the area. You’ll have to take them out before we’re able to move closer for the rest of the Op. We won’t be able to give you any position data until we get sightings from Forward.

Ian: Roger, Control. We’re set to destroy ‘Mech patrols.

Rathburn: Good luck!

Private Eye 4-9: This is Private Eye Four-Niner. I’ve got two ‘Mechs on patrol. Position uploaded as Nav Alpha.

Ian: Roger, Four-Niner. Patrol at Alpha. Moving to intercept.

PE 4-9: That didn’t take very long. Steiner must be nervous to run patrols this far out.

Forward 2-5: This is Forward Two-Five. I’ve got movement. Uploading position as Nav Beta. Looks like another patrol of two.

Ian: Roger, Two-Five. Patrol at Beta.

Gonzales: If they’re from the downed DropShip, most likely they’ll be in bad moods.

Rathburn: Private Eye Two-Niner, report status.

Ian: Alpha patrol neutralized.

Rathburn: Roger, Omega Lead. Forward Lead, please report status of Two-Niner?

Forward Lead: This is Forward Lead. I lost contact with Two-Niner. I’m uploading their last position as Nav Delta. I’m getting a squad over there. Suggest you check Delta with extreme caution.

Ian: Acknowledged. Could be trouble, or just a bad comm.

PE 3-9: This is Private Eye Three-Niner. I’ve got a pair of heavies on the ground. Uploading as Gamma.

Ian: Roger, Three-Niner. Two heavies down at Nav Gamma.

2-5: This is Two-Five. Group Beta destroyed.

Ian: Roger. Looks like we got ‘em.

Rathburn: Looks like we got ‘em.

Ian: Control, Delta patrol destroyed. Ah, Forward, no sign of Two-Niner squad.

Omega Forward: Roger, Omega Lead. Uh, any signs they were taken out?

Ian: Negative. Nothing. The area’s kinda messed up now. Not sure I’d be able to tell.

Omega Forward: Uh, Roger.

Rathburn: Forward, are you showing any other contacts?

Omega Forward: Ah, negative, Major. Looks like the area is clear.

Rathburn: Roger, Forward. Maintain patrols during salvage operations. Salvage, coordinate with Forward and see what you can recover. Window – three hours.

Salvage: Roger, Control.

Rathburn: Good work, Omega. Return to base, and let’s get ready to move.

Ian: On the way, Control. Good work, everybody.