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Mechanical Jump Booster


BattleMech Mechanical Jump Boosters are intended to provide a simple, heat free jumping ability, even in water. Unlike Jump Jets, these Mechanical Jump Boosters are essentially giant hydraulic rams and myomer bundles that act as giant springs. The Federated Commonwealth began experimenting with them in 3055, but they weren't ready for use until 3060.[1]

Though considerably less flexible than typical Jump Jet systems, the experimental Mechanical Jump Boosters do provide a warrior with a unique surprise attack. In addition, the Mechanical Booster can provide higher jumping rates than a standard Jump Jet. The Mechanical Jump Boosters can be used in water, but the pilot cannot adjust the 'Mech's facing in mid-air. The 'Mech is also unable to execute a Death from Above attack, which Technicians appreciate.

This system inspired the Battle Armor Mechanical Jump Booster introduced by the Lyran Alliance.[2]


Game RulesEdit

BattleMech Mechanical Jump Boosters can only be mounted in the legs, where they take up two critical slots. Every leg must mount the Mechanical Jump Boosters. For every Jump MP desired, the Mechanical Jump Booster system weighs 5% of the BattleMech's mass (rounded up to the nearest half-ton). Jump MP's provided by the Mechanical Jump Booster system are not limited by the unit's walking MP.[1]

A 'Mech mounting the Mechanical Jump Booster system cannot adjust facing as it jumps. If any of the Mechanical Jump Boosters are destroyed by a critical hit, the entire system is rendered useless.[1]

These systems can be mounted in 'Mechs that use standard Jump Jets, but only one system can be used per turn.


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