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Menke Armor and Armaments

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Menke Armor and Armaments is a defense contractor in the Capellan Confederation. It is a personal holding of the McCarron family.[1]


Menke Armor and Armaments is based on Menke, the landhold of McCarron's Armored Cavalry. For many years it was the Armored Cavalry's main seller, supplementing the parts they received from the CCAF with Menke parts. Their extensive knowledge of combat vehicles helped the firm remain in production during the Succession Wars. Once McCarron's Armored Cavalry was officially made part of the CCAF, Menke Armor and Armaments began investigating the possibility of producing their own BattleMechs.[1]

During the Jihad Menke A&A was instructed to give McCarron's regiments all the production they requested. At times, this ran to 90% of their factory output.[2]


The companies CEO in 3067 is Lord Thomas McCarron, brother to the late Archibald McCarron who led the Big Mac through most of the Fourth Succession War.[1]


Menke Armor and Armaments has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Menke:[3][2]
Component Type
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
StarSlab-1 Swift Wind[3]
StarSlab-2 Harasser[3]
StarSlab-4 Von Luckner[3]
Targeting-Tracking System
Luxor Mobile Battery 1 Arrow IV Missile Artillery Catapult[3]
Luxor Mobile Battery 1 Arrow IV Missile Artillery Missile Artillery System[2]
FarFire Medium Missile Rack [citation needed]
FarFire Maxi-Rack [citation needed]
Hovertec Quad Quickdraw[3]
Hovertec Hex For export[3]
Streak SRM-2
Hovertec Shadow Hawk[3]


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