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Metals of the Earth

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Metals of the Earth is a mining and manufacturing company within the Draconis Combine[1] and the Free Rasalhague Republic.[2]

Metals of the Earth
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company Yes
Primary Site(s) Nox
Primary Products Mining and Manufacturing

Company ProfileEdit

Home Office: Jassen, Nox

President/CEO: Duke Rollo Rourke (Circa 3025), Marquis Unno Kitabake (Circa 3025) chosen as successor after the death of Rollo Rourke[3]


Metals of the Earth can trace its origin back to the Star League era when it was a moderately sized mining company. One of its original founders was from the Kurita family and since then there has always been at least one Kurita family member on the Board of Directors. This connection to the leadership of the Draconis Combine guarantees that the company receives a majority of government contracts within Combine borders.

After several hundred years of operation and government largess, the company has expanded from mining into manufacturing mining equipment, creation of industrial chemicals and making synthetic materials, including myomers.[4]

Circa 3025 this company was the second biggest one in the Draconis Combine.[3]

After the Fourth Succession War led to the creation of the Free Rasalhague Republic, a subsidiary of Metals of the Earth operated within the borders of the new realm. Half of the production from this subsidiary was shipped to the Draconis Combine until the Clan Invasion.[2]

During the Jihad, Metals of the Earth operated a RetroTech factory on Bjarred that produced Gladiator BattleMechs. This factory shut down in 3079.[5]

The plant on Nox was captured by Clan Wolf during the Clan Invasion. The new factory overseers removed the board of directors and lowered workplace safety standards. In 3063 the Nox plant was captured by by Clan Ghost Bear, who reinstated Rasalhague safety and operating procedures.[6]


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