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Michael Bosworth

Michael Bosworth
Died 22 January 3073
Affiliation ComStar
Profession Journalist

Michael Bosworth (Born 30?? - 22 January, 3073[1]) was a correspondent employed by the Interstellar News Network.


Based on Skye within the Lyran Alliance, Bosworth was the correspondent responsible for issuing the Jihad Hot Spots, INN's two-year summary of events across the Inner Sphere between 3068 to 3070.[2]

In addition to his work on the Jihad Hot Spots, Michael Bosworth also conducted interviews with various individuals, such as his interview with Captain Marcel Webb of the mysterious Star Seeds mercenary unit in 3071, in which Captain Webb admitted to the Star Seeds' involvement in a conflict in the Orestes system earlier that year that had resulted in the destruction of the Blakist Star Lord-class JumpShip WBJS Yoke of Purity.[3]

Bosworth's last broadcast was the ill-fated Arc-Royal Summit in January 3073, among the many attendees killed by the Donner Bomb. Bosworth's shoes would be filled by Bertram Habeas. As part of the Hot Spots series, Bosworth had relied heavily upon Habeas for Lyran analysis, having been impressed with the younger man's unusually calm manner when called to appear on other INN shows, attributes which led the INN to select him to take over production and analysis of the Hot Spots series upon Bosworth's death.[1] [4]


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