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Mikhail Ward

Mikhail Ward
Born 3018
Died 3059
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Clan Smoke Jaguar
Star Colonel

Mikhail Ward (b. 3018—d. 3059) was an abtakha warrior of Clan Smoke Jaguar. [1]


Mikhail was born in a Clan Wolf sibko on the planet Roche and swiftly proved a capable warrior as well as a cunning leader, winning his bloodname in 3044. He was taken as a bondsman by Clan Smoke Jaguar during Clan Wolf’s Trial of Refusal against the decision to invade the Inner Sphere, and, after a short period, was returned to warrior status in his new Clan.[1]

Operation REVIVALEdit

Assigned to the 1st Jaguar Guards during Operation Revival, he fought on Almunge, Albiero, Tarazed and Luthien. The Guards took heavy casualties on Luthien, and Ward was promoted to Star Captain in preparation for the Battle of Tukayyid. The Guards were shattered during this battle, fighting in the Racice Delta, and Ward was their sole surviving officer. [1]

As the Jaguars rebuilt he first tested out as a Star Colonel and then as a Galaxy Commander. He assumed command of Beta Galaxy in late 3054. At this time he was considered a ristar.

Operation BULLDOGEdit

He was an excellent strategist and tactician and, during Operation Bulldog, was the in-theater commander of the entire Jaguar touman. However, his inability to see the bigger picture of the unfolding events cost the Jaguars heavily and by August 3059 he was considered dezgra.[1] Ward piloted a Warhawk throughout the campaign. Ordered to confirm his death, Tai-sa Shin Yodama killed Mikhail Ward in a duel in the Marin Valley on Outer Volta on 5 August 3059.[2]


  • Ward is also reported as holding the rank of Galaxy Commander at the time of the Battle of Luthien.[3]
  • Given his participation in the battle for Almunge in 3050, Ward must have been part of Alpha Battle Star, Trinary Battle.[4]


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