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Military Intelligence (Kungs Armee)Edit

Divison Information
Mimir Command:
General Hans Mohn
Named after Nordic runes.
The field agents are highly skilled in covert operations within enemy-occupied territory. Field agents find themselves comfortably able to navigate in harsh terrain with limited or no prior intelligence and or reconnaissance. Mimir Command operates according to the cell system (4-6 agents per cell, each with specialized skills and heavy cross-discipline training, which makes them difficult to disrupt). The cell works under a controller or independent. Their two main tasks are to gather information in preparation for a larger raiding force and to conduct reconnaissance operations, collecting valuable data about enemy force composition, strength, and materiel assets.
Field Operations (Pertra):
Överste Björn Pedersen
The operatives sometimes suffer heavy losses to complete their mission, but this is an acceptable risk to the battle-hardened operatives. Trained for surveillance in enemy territory the agents willingly undertake tasks such as information-gathering, sabotage, and assassinations.
Communications and Signals (As):
Överste Anita Olson
This Branch serves as the link between field agents. Communications and Signals utilize the most advanced technology available, but can also achieve their goals with the bare minimum if necessary. Another mission is the interception and decryption of enemy communications. These agents are ready to pack up and deploy on missions at a moments notice.
Data Analysis (Thürs):
Överste Jack Sharov
Data analysts filter massive quantities of intercepted data gathered by Field Operations and Communications and Signals departments. They are not the most skilled in combat or the best-equipped in terms of weaponry, but they are essential to successful operations.
Counter Intelligence (Giof):
|Överste Dolores Brin-Kotis
Their goal is to prevent the Clans from gaining vital information for possible raids. ComStar and Word of Blake are also under observation. For an mission agents work close together with the RIIA and law enforcement agencies.

Rasalhague Internal Intelligence Agency (RIIA)Edit

Divison Information
Hjalmer Kirch
Charged with maintaining internal security and handling major crimes spanning more than one world.


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