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Mitsura Sakamoto

Mitsura Sakamoto
Died 3134
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Rank Tai-shu

Mitsura Sakamoto was the Warlord of the Benjamin Military District during the mid 3130's.


Warlord Sakamoto was a descendant of Tahara Sakamoto of the First Sword of Light and the driving force behind the development of the Exhumer BattleMech.[1]

In 3134 Sakamoto staged multiple unauthorized raids across the border into Prefecture I of the Republic of the Sphere.[2] His invasion was very successful, as the Republic forces were reduced. Sakamoto was brutal, ordering the perforation of a Dome city on Al Na'ir that killed millions of civilians. For some unknown reason, Sakamoto was obsessed with killing Katana Tormark and destroying her group of Dragon's Fury. But he failed to accomplish his objectives because the Bounty Hunter, under orders of one important officer of Dragon's Fury, infiltrated Sakamoto's staff to kill him.[3] Sakamoto had launched a full attack on planet Saffel, where the Republic and Dragon's Fury were fighting. While the invasion was happening, he was almost certainly poisoned by the Bounty Hunter. That poison made him lose his consciousness in his 'Mech during his combat drop making him crash against the sea. This destroyed his 'Mech and killed him.[4] His second in command asked Katana Tormark for orders, who would take the effective command of all kuritan forces in planet. Those forces under new leadership succeeded in taking the planet. Soon, Katana was promoted to Dieron military district Warlord.


The 'Mech of Mitsura Sakamoto was a No-Dachi.

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Warlord of the Benjamin Military District

Succeeded by
Shichiro Hayashida


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