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Mori Hawker

Mori Hawker.jpg
Mori Hawker
Affiliation Clan Sea Fox

Mori Hawker (b. 3074[1] - d. ????) is the Khan of Clan Sea Fox and one of the greatest proponents to his clan's Great Reshaping.

Character HistoryEdit

Born on Itabaiana during the Jihad, Mori showed neither an issue with dealing with anger nor an overabundance of love for the past ways. He was able to obtain the rank of Star Commander after his Trial in 3092. After becoming a warrior, he believed in the reforms that Khan Naomi Nagasawa was trying to push through; he believed in them so much that he fought and won each of the four trials in support.[1]

With the trials that defined the beginning of the Reshaping, there were gaps within the touman which allowed Mori to win his Bloodname. With his new status he was able to add his voice to the Clan Council which allowed Xoc Hammond to take over for Nagasawa who was also a major proponent of the reforms.[1]

His loyalty was rewarded with a command of one of the CargoShips in the newly created IlKhanate. From this position, Mori was able to achieve legendary success which propelled him to the forefront making him a lock to take over the Khanship in 3113 when Hammond retired.[1]

As Khan, he allowed each Khanate and Aimag autonomy which brought the Clan to a level of economic dominance over the Inner Sphere. As the prosperity grew, it created a desire for each of the Khanates to experience freedom from the Clan; that desire led to an assassination attempt on Mori's life with help from Clan Jade Falcon. The failed attempt forced Hawker's hand to purge those who desire independence.[1]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Xoc Hammond
Khan of Clan Sea Fox
3113 - ????

Succeeded by


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